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2012 – Part 3 – Paradigm shift

We’ve discussed (in parts one and two) the implications of the Mayan prophecy of 2012.  If you haven’t already read these two reports, I suggest you do so now before proceeding.

For those of you that don’t have the time to do so, allow me to paraphrase.  It is quite clear that 2012 will be a very momentous year.  The old world order, centered on the Bretton woods treaty (a 50 year treaty signed in 1944) technically “expired” in 1994.  From 1994 until the present, the world has been adrift, lacking an agreed upon structure.  It appears that 2012 will be a time of tremendous change.  Structure is coming to the world,  one way or the other.

Humanity is at a tipping point.  We cannot move forward without a worldwide consensus on the proper relationship between the world’s governments. We also need a consensus on the proper relationship between governments and the people.  It is important to understand that the world’s governments DID have a consensus prior to the expiration of Bretton woods.  We will discuss Bretton Woods in more detail in a later post.  In the meantime, it is enough to know that a new world order is not only coming, but is long overdue.  Perhaps it was the looming expiration of Bretton woods which persuaded George Bush to announce the coming of a “new world order” on September 11, 1991.  10 years to the day, before the infamous September 11, 2001.

Some 30 years ago Buckminster Fuller wrote a book called “Synergetics”, a truly marvelous work.  In it, he likened humanity to a baby chicken preparing to emerge from it’s shell.  You see, nature knows precisely how much food to contain within the shell to nourish the chicken, right up until the time it is mature enough emerge from it’s shell.  At the precise moment, the chicken’s food runs out.  The chick, while trying in vain to find food, inadvertently cracks it’s shell.  And with that marvelous accident, the chick begins it’s new life.

In similar fashion, humanity is likewise reaching a point where the resources which have accommodated us for so very long, are running out.  By resources I refer of course to natural resources, but it’s more than just that.  Almost all of mankind’s existing worldwide structures, be they governmental, social, or educational, are simultaneously running into dead ends.

Like the rapidly maturing chick, humanity has reached a point where in trying to find sustenance it has no choice but to crack its shell.  It is still an open question as to what we will find on the other side.  Whether humanity finds heaven or hell is largely dependent upon whether or not we are able to make an internal, spiritual, transition at the appropriate time.

The older generation, my generation, does not yet understand these things fully. We are a bit like the Israelites wandering through the desert for 40 years. The Israelites could not enter Canaan until the first generation had died out. Why? Perhaps because the older generation simply could not imagine a life where they were not slaves in Egypt.   Certainly the occupy movements worldwide are a testament to the fact that the young people seem to be able to see the futility of the current situation more clearly than their parents’ generation is able to.  Note also that it is the young generation that is currently embracing Ron paul’s message of Freedom & Liberty. The reasons are the same.

So what will the future new world order look like? Will the future look somewhat like the present?  Will the “new world order” look like the old, with but a few cosmetic “marketing” changes?   Like the difference between a 1960 and a 1961 corvette?  I suggest to you that the new world order will not look at all like the old.  We can’t begin to imagine what life will look like in the next 20 or 30 years.  Our most fantastic visions only scratch the surface of the future that beckons to us.

Are you aware of that cold fusion is soon to be a reality?  Cold fusion appliances may actually be available at your local Home Depot in late 2012.  There are radical re-designs of our engines – gas, diesel, and electric, already in production.   These new engines are remarkably efficient when compared to the engines we’ve been using for the last hundred years.  What this means is that we are approaching a time when energy will no longer be a scarce resource.  Maybe 21st century energy won’t be technically “free”, but it will be dirt cheap.

When we no longer need to worry about paying for massive amounts of energy, productivity will skyrocket to levels that you and I cannot even conceive of at this moment.  Consider, what’s the primary reason that you and I don’t have our own personal submarines, our own personal helicopters, our own personal Lear jets?  One of the prime reason of course, is that the cost to manufacture and then power such things are simply out of our reach.  However, cold fusion appliances will soon be as common as microwave ovens.    The power needed to build and operate our own helicopters or any other fantastic gadgets, will be a trivial thing.

How about 3D printers?   Have you considered the implications of this rapidly emerging technology?  At present 3D printers are relatively expensive and far from ubiquitous.  But that will change.  Probably within five years every household will have a 3D printer.  For those of you who are not familiar with 3D printers, I strongly urge you to view this video.  As you watch it, please understand that as remarkable as this technology is, it is still in its infancy.   Imagine what the technology will be like in five years.

The day is coming when virtually everything that you need or want for your home, for your office, for your car, will be printed in the privacy of your own home or garage.

As exciting as this prospect is, this has devastating implications to the world economy as it exists today.  Per the paradigm of the old world order, things must be assembled in manufacturing plants.  We’re talking about a lot of jobs, both here at home and abroad disappearing . We’re talking about the tax base going away. Indeed, most taxes will be uncollectible.  The existing manufacturing paradigm will soon be obsolete.

What kind of society will mankind create when anyone can print their own AK47 on demand?   How about when it is a trivial thing  to print all the parts needed to assemble your own racing car in the privacy of your own garage?  Check out this full sized “printed” motorcycle, and see the future that is dawning.   3D printing, like cold fusion, is going to change everything.  Soon.

So, is technology as destabilizing as 3D printing, ultimately a bad thing?  I suggest you that it is not a bad thing.  Far from it.  It is a very good thing.  The crisis that these things represent is simply another indication that humanity is like the maturing chicken in the egg.  The sustenance/structures which have been maintaining us will soon be gone.  It’s time.  The old world order is at a dead end.  A new world order must emerge.  We must crack the egg, and discover a new life on the other side.

As I indicated to you in parts one and two of this series on 2012, I am very optimistic about the future.  Not only is humanity on the verge of adopting a new paradigm, but it appears that even the animal kingdom is on the verge of a major shift.  We’re in a time of “missing links”.  However, there is still a question as to whether or not our transition will be successful.

In my opinion, the biggest question mark on humanity’s future centers upon whether or not the military industrial complex, will successfully con humanity into launching a war against Iran.  If they are successful in this regard, all bets are off.  For an attack upon Iran will likely represent the beginning of world war 3.  We will talk more about Iran in a future post.

In the meantime, let’s not talk of apocalyptic destruction such as was envisioned in the popular movie 2012.  There may indeed be violence in our future.  But the larger violence will not be the result of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  The violence will be a reflection of whether or not we’re able to change ourselves in a timely manner.  Can we become a race that “deserves” to enter heaven?  Can we successfully  craft a world where anyone can “print” weapons of mass destruction in the privacy of their own homes, while  at the same time be highly confident that such weapons will never be used?

This is ultimately a spiritual question.  It is a religious question.  So we will need to discuss religion in a future post as well.  Until then, stay hopeful!


2012; The End of What, exactly? Part 2

In response to my last post, “2012; The End of What, exactly?”,  I was asked:  “How can you hold any reasonable optimism that the future will be anything but an expression of the past?  Even if Free Energy bring a cornucopia of possibilities and development beginning sometime around 2013, would not “human nature” guarantee that human exploitation would continue in more refined ways?”    It is a fair question which I will address here…

Before I continue, I must reiterate that 2012 is looking to be a very challenging year.  Consider the possibility of just a few events that seem increasingly likely:

  1. WW3 breaking out centered on the Persian Gulf,
  2. The almost certain collapse of the euro and the dollar,
  3. The fallout (pun intended) of the Fukushima disaster, in which a slow-motion “China Syndrome” is occurring even as these words are being typed.  As we have never before seen an actual China Syndrome, we don’t yet know exactly how this will end.  But we will likely see the end sometime in 2012.  We will need to rename it: “The Japan Syndrome”.

Item #1 is not inevitable, but seems to be something that powerful men desperately want.  Clearly, a World War will likely end as a nuclear war.  That couldn’t end well.  It could only end quite badly.   Items 2 & 3 are pretty much unavoidable at this point.    There are many other difficult situations developing, but this short list suffices to make the point.   2012 could indeed be “the end” of humanity, as we have known it.

However, I have argued that this is a time of great optimism – a time of awakening and rebirth.  So, which is it? A time of hope or a time of fear?

We are witnessing transformations on a daily basis that give rise for great hope.  All over the world people are awakening to the realization that their leaders have been lying to them.  All over the world people are mobilizing to demand Truth and Freedom.  Everywhere, people are beginning to recognize they have spent their lives ignorant and enslaved.  Certainly this awakening, painful though it may be, is a necessary precursor to being able to adapt to a new paradigm.

In real terms, the numbers of the “awake” are small compared to the number of people who remain “comfortably numb”.  In America the litmus test is probably best illustrated by 911 Truth.  For a great many Americans there is a tremendous set of spiritual blinders, a cognitive dissonance that permeates the soul.  It prevents them from questioning the official narrative of 9/11.  To question the 9/11 narrative is to cast doubt on every myth we were taught from childhood.  From the pledge of allegiance, Christopher Columbus, Armstrong’s walk on the moon, and pearl harbor, to the emancipation proclamation.

It is not surprising then, that very many cannot bring themselves to question the narrative.  But there is a dramatic awakening happening just the same.  Many people have awoken.   There is a subtle but pervasive effect that a small group of people can (and do) have on the psyche of the greater masses.  It is often called the 100th monkey syndrome.  As the number of people who know and appreciate the nature of Truth and Beauty grows, an ever-growing pressure on the sleeping masses’ perceptions increases.  And that subtle pressure is building with each passing day.

So things are spinning out of the control of those who would prefer that people remain comfortably numb.  Everywhere they look, the illuminati see people are pulling back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz, and seeing a rather old man pulling levers.  People are turning off the news channels that the illuminati bought and paid for decades ago.  They are learning via the internet.  911 Truth is spreading.  The phenomenon is occurring everywhere.

While the illuminati are desperate to destroy the central bank in Iran, and are willing to kill as many American soldiers and Iranian civilians as necessary to achieve that goal, they know they are running out of time.  Their repeated attempts to prevent Americans from hearing the message of Freedom & Liberty from Dr Ron Paul is not working.  People are hearing the message.  Americans are actually becoming aware that the Federal Reserve is an evil institution that steals from them every day.  I very much doubt that the illuminati anticipated this awakening.  The Occupy Wall Street movement is a sign of the times.

International marriages are occurring on every continent.   People in many countries are realizing that they have no true “enemies”, other than corporate fictions that have no soul. They cannot continue to see Iraqis, Afghanis, Americans or Iranians as subhuman.  Soldiers are brainwashed in boot camp to see muslims as less than human, so that they can kill them without remorse.  But the brainwashing is wearing off.   The 1960s generation saw a popular movie entitled: “Suppose they gave a war and nobody came?”.  That idea, ludicrous at one time, is no longer far-fetched.  Witness this…   Amazingly, it seems that we are now learning how to communicate with our own newborn babies, using a universal baby language…

The 1960s also featured a popular song that heralded the “dawning of the age of Aquarius”.  Most did not know at that time what that meant, nor when it actually was to begin.  Today we know that the astrological start date is in December of this year.  As to what it means, that is still unclear.  But clearly, we are at a unique moment in history – we will soon face a moment of Truth.  One path will lead to a nuclear war and a level of destruction few can even imagine.  The other leads to the building of a new society as the dollar and euro fail (replaced by something new), government institutions worldwide are uniformly seen as corrupt and unworkable (replaced by something new).  Hundreds of suppressed technologies offering unlimited free energy, foodstuffs, cancer (and other diseases) cures, and many more exciting technologies will become commonly available, if we choose the better path.

Interestingly, it is not only humanity that seems to be on the verge of a great leap in our evolution.  Even the animal kingdoms seem to be experiencing some kind of evolutionary change on a grand scale.  We see that gorillas now can communicate with human beings.  We see orangutans are now learning to swim and to use tools to catch fish.  We see birds engaging in activity that can only be called “play”.  We see common crows using tools in a complex manner to solve problems on a first try.  This indicates they are now able to solve complex problems entirely within their cerebral cortex.  And let’s not forget the recent discovery of a totally new “lost world” of species never seen before, under the Antarctic.

Such things as these were unheard of just 40 years ago.  So the animal kingdom is undergoing a significant leap in its evolutionary path at this moment in time.  That seems indisputable.  We can easily appreciate the magnitude of such changes in the animal kingdom, because we are not caught up in the change.   It is more difficult to appreciate that we are undergoing evolutionary change of similar magnitude, because we are so very close to it.  It’s the age-old vexing problem of missing the forest because the trees are in the way.

The question that we must ask is: “Is it a coincidence that the animal kingdom is evolving at the same moment in time as we seem to be?   Is the New Age which beckons to us to quickly evolve into a more enlightened age, simultaneously bringing the animal kingdom to a new level as well?”  It is of course, hard to say with certainty, but it seems that we are in the midst of a planet-wide evolutionary moment.  A time of “missing links”.

The ancients that spoke of 2012 as “the end of the great year” were clearly aware of something we are overlooking to this day.  The question of how they knew, and what exactly might be driving this process, is an entirely different question.  We’ll leave that discussion to a future time.

2012 – The End of what, exactly?

By now most of you have become aware that the ancient Mayan calendar comes to an abrupt end on December 21, 2012.   The Mayan calendar was highlighted in the recent Hollywood hit entitled “2012”.

That an ancient Mesoamerican calendar ends abruptly in 2012 would not ordinarily catch anyone’s interest.  But in this case, it is a calendar which has been breathtakingly accurate for thousands of years.  It has accurately measured the movement of planets and moons for thousands of years.  It accounts for leap years and accurately predicts lunar and solar eclipses to this very day.

Yet, this ingenious calendar, which could not have been created without a simply unbelievable understanding of the movement of the planets and stars, ends in December of this year.  It just stops.  Like a dead end street.

The implications were exploited by the movie 2012.  The movie depicted massive earth changes which killed most of humanity.  It was a successful film in that it likely made it’s producer a great deal of money.  But, did the movie touch upon the Truth of the time we live in, or not?

As fascinating as the implications of the Mayan calendar are, it simply cannot compare, in my opinion, to the design of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  The Pyramids cannot be adequately discussed here.  I strongly urge everyone to do a web search on “mysteries of the pyramids”.  Set aside several hours to soak in the information that is readily available.  It is simply paradigm-shattering, and should be taught in every senior high school.  If nothing else, the awareness of the mysteries of the pyramids awakens in every discerning student the understanding that our present view of human history is missing something VERY important.

One of the many enigmas enshrined in the pyramid is that there seems to be a calendar encoded into the internal design of the shafts and chambers.  There is a solitary engraving in the pyramid.  At the entrance to the King’s Chamber there is a rainbow.   Utilizing a purported “calendar” that measures years by distance traveled within the internal shafts, measured in Egyptian inches, one finally arrives at the rainbow, and the King’s Chamber, in the year 2012.

A coincidence?  Perhaps.  But it is certainly one of those things that should make one say: “Hmmm…..”

But enough of ancient calendars and pyramids.  What do others say about the age we live in?  The world is full of evangelical types who believe that biblical prophesies of the last days are being fulfilled (ie, earthquakes, wars, rumors of war, etc).  They predict that Jesus will return and rescue a chosen few, and then the rest of humanity will be destroyed.  And it’s not only evangelical Christians that think in this way.  Many jews and Muslims hold similar beliefs.  To be fair, it does appear that many biblical prophesies are being realized.

However most of these apocalyptic scenarios envision massive earth changes wiping out humanity.  They fail to consider the possibility that prophesies of the end of time, the last days, the end of the era (Mayan), the return of Christ, etc, speak about a GLORIOUS NEW BEGINNING.  Not a terrible end.

Actually, a fuller understanding of Mayan prophesy is that we are living through the end of the “5th era” (by their count).  So, they understand there have been 4 eras that preceded the one we know, and presumably a 6th  era is to begin on or about Dec 21, 2012.  This is far cry from the horrific end of life as portrayed by the 2012 movie.  The Pyramids prophesy reaching the King’s chamber and the rainbow, in 2012.  Of course, the rainbow is typically a sign of renewed hope and new life.

So, how could such radical new era happen?  There are only 11 more months until that fateful date.  It seems frightfully difficult to imagine humanity experiencing a worldwide awakening of consciousness and spirit in just 11 more months.  (Even if Jesus were to return today, would his followers even recognize him?  I tend to doubt it.)

On the other hand, 2012 is shaping up to be a most challenging year.  Let’s just look at a few glaring examples:

The euro is just weeks, months at best, from failing.  With that the European Union will likely collapse.  It is VERY difficult to even imagine where this will lead.  But it almost assuredly will be challenging to the extreme.

The dollar will perversely probably benefit from the euro’s collapse.  But it too will likely fail before the end of 2012.  As above, this too will be challenging in the extreme, for the entire globe.

The US government has recently declared war on it’s own Citizens (NDAA).  While many/most Americans are not paying attention, they are now no longer protected by the Bill of Rights, or the Constitution they were taught to revere.  This can only get ugly.  More on this topic in a later post.

The US and her allies are already waging a covert war against Iran.  Munitions depots are exploding in Iran, and Iranian scientists are being killed and kidnapped when traveling abroad.  Cyber war was declared against Iran when Stuxnet was developed to cripple their industry.  Their ally, Syria, is being destabilized.  Now, the Iranian Central Bank is being targeted with sanctions.  Iran is responding to these provocations with war games, launching missiles, and admonishing that they can and will close the oil routes through the Persian Gulf.  This situation can EASILY turn into a major war at any time.

Russia and China have BOTH indicated they would get involved in a NATO war against Iran.  China explicitly suggests they will come to Iran’s aid.  Can you say World War 3?  It would almost certainly go nuclear, if that war breaks out.

Around the globe protests will likely continue to escalate, as they have in Egypt.  Expect the Occupy Wall Street movement to return to American cities with a vengeance in the Spring and Summer of 2012.

The 2012 Olympics will be held in London at almost the exact time that the embargo against Iran takes effect.  That would be a GREAT time/place for the neocons to launch a false flag attack.  A biological or nuclear attack on London would be blamed on Iran of course.

There’s much more that deserves mention, of course.  But this short list suffices to demonstrate that 2012 will almost certainly be a very challenging year.  But I am not suggesting it means the END OF THE WORLD.  Rather, 2012 can be viewed as a turning point.  It could see the emergence of a set of worldwide circumstances that forces the average man and woman on the street, ANY and EVERY street, to make a decision about what they are prepared to fight for, die for, and live for.

Actually Jesus spoke of the last days being a time like a time of a woman in labor.  There will be increasingly violent and painful contractions, but the end is the cry of new life, rather than the cry of death.  I tend to think, hope and believe that this is the significance of 2012.  The birth of a new era.  I believe that mankind will finally reach the end of it’s collective rope and make the wise choice at a critical moment.

Therefore 2012 represents a turning point.  It means we were born at a remarkable time, and that we may yet see the emergence of the new age, prophesied thousands of years ago.  This new age will be an age of plenty.  No scarcity of food, water, energy or hope.  No need will exist for the politics of redistribution, nor the logic of war.

Cold fusion and hosts of other emerging technologies will be readily available to each and every person around the planet beginning sometime in 2013.  (Did you know that Andrea Rossi is reported to be already in talks with Home Depot to sell E-Cat Cold Fusion devices for home use next year?)  There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of patents on free energy, remarkably efficient engines, that were shelved in the name of national security and corporate profits.  These technologies will be reborn in short order.

We will never again need to pay an electric bill, gas or oil bill.  We will never again pay to power our homes, cars, planes, helicopters, boats, submarines, or personal jet packs.  Productivity will soar to unimaginable heights, and the stress, worries and pain of the age we knew will cease to be.  Our grandchildren will ask us if we were alive when there was war and hunger.

But all this and much more will be seen beginning sometime in 2013.  Before then, we still need to get through the labor pains of 2012.  And we need to individually and collectively make the right decisions when the moment arrives.  I’m not scared.  I’m excited.  How about you?

The Last Days

You probably hear it said from time to time: “These are the Last Days”. Vague references are made to the New Testament, the Book of Revelations in particular. Images of nation rising against nation, wars and rumors of war, etc, are raised. Who knows? Maybe you are one of the ones making such a statement, as you advise people to repent to avoid being caught up in some prophesied day of judgment you believe to be imminent.

Are these in fact “The Last Days”? If you believe they are, I would have to ask: The last days of what? Of who? Humanity? The planet earth? The galaxy? The entire universe?

How might “everything” come to an end? How COULD everything come to an end? There is not a bomb large enough to liquidate the universe, or even the entire planet earth. Also, one would have to question what good it would do for God to destroy the universe, galaxy, planet, or even significant parts of the planet. It just doesn’t make sense.  The “earth” did nothing wrong to warrant such a fate, nor did the universe. And yet, there are unmistakable signs that suggest that humanity is running out of time, on a large number of fronts.

Jesus hinted on a number of occasions as to how the world would end. Judgment by fire, destroying the wicked by the sword emanating from his mouth, etc, were foretold. Judgment by fire could have referred to a series of thermonuclear blasts happening all over the planet, but what was that about a sword sticking out of Jesus’ mouth? And why did he foretell that the kings of the world would do battle against him when he returns?   Clearly, the only reason anyone would do battle against a man like Jesus at his return would be because they did not believe he was a messiah. So we can infer that as before, the messiah will not be immediately recognizable as someone all that Divine, when he returns.

Jesus spoke of the Kingdom of Heaven “being in our midst”, saying that it would start off like a very tiny seed that grows to become a mighty tree. Jesus spoke of himself as a bridegroom and made numerous references to such imagery, culminating in his referring to his return as the marriage supper of the lamb. Such imagery has been dismissed as irrelevant, but I suggest to you that this imagery is in fact the key point. The messiah’s mission is to establish the ideal family that Jesus could not establish because of his untimely crucifixion, and that Adam & Eve could not fulfill because of their faithlessness.

Having successfully begun a true and ideal lineage, and teaching others how to accomplish the same goal, the Kingdom of Heaven begins as a small circle of true and ideal families, surrounding the messiah’s own family, that look inconsequential. Nevertheless this community will grow exponentially as more and more people learn the Truth, get connected to the lineage of the messiah, and give birth to their own children, who are devoid of “original sin”, as was Jesus himself.

As the foundation of the Ideal Peace Kingdom expands on the earth, God will increasingly remove the foundations underpinning the myriads of false and corrupt systems upon which humanity feeds every day. Increasingly, the old systems, long tried and true, will increasingly not work anymore. Wars can not be “won”. The more someone strikes out at others, the more they will be constricted, like the fable of briar rabbit hitting the tar baby. The more we try to exploit others, in any manner, the more we will find ourselves twisting in the wind, hoisted on our own petards. This is the circumstance we find ourselves in today.  The age of “Instant Karma” is increasingly upon us.

The Kingdom of God has been growing in our midst for almost 50 years. Though it started as a tiny seed, a single family in a very small location, it is quickly reaching the point of shaking away national level foundations. We can see this manifest in the utter failure of 21st century wars to achieve anything remotely resembling success, no matter how much firepower is used, and in the growing worldwide failure of global economics.  This breakdown is being manifested in all areas.

Whilst this is scary to those who do not know what is going on, it is quite understandable, even predictable, to those who understand what is driving this, and why. Scripture refers to the last days are the “Great and Terrible” day of the Lord. It is “Great” that the Kingdom of God is being built brick by brick in our lifetimes, and we are given the opportunity to carry a brick or two ourselves. It is “Terrible” that the false and self-centered world we have known from birth is being systematically dismantled at a pace consistent with the expansion of the Peace Kingdom.  Humanity has been tricked into believing that the spider webs that entrap us are in fact the lifelines upon which we live.

One of my favorite movies is “Jacob’s Ladder”.  Toward the end of the movie the protagonist (played by Tim Robbins) is told that those whom he thought were devils tearing away at him were really angels trying to free him from the ties that bound him.  Such is the time we live in today.

The next few years ought to be a doozy, but take heart, keep your eyes open, and ask God to help you find the center of the storm, where all is quite peaceful, calm and joyful.


Forgiveness – In your opinion, do you deserve it? Do you consider yourself to be basically a “good person”? You almost certainly think yourself to be a good person worthy of forgiveness. In fact, you are.

Yet, be honest with yourself and reflect on a few of the times that you did things that were self-centered, manipulative and irresponsible, as you ultimately hurt people around you . You may assuage your feelings of guilt for those times with various rationalizations. “I was young”, “I was broke and hungry”, “I didn’t intend to hurt him/her”, etc, etc. The excuses are the same for most of us. While many of these excuses have a grain of Truth to them, nevertheless, you HURT people, and did so to satisfy some perceived self-centered need at the time. Admit it.

So, do you “deserve” to be forgiven, when you get on your knees and say “God, please forgive me for my sins?” I am certain most of us can reach the conclusion that God could and will forgive us. Indeed, that is almost certainly True.

So, let’s stop talking about our own transgressions, and debating whether or not God can or will forgive us. Let’s ask ourselves instead whether the people whom we have wronged will forgive us. Will they? There is likely a long list of people we each need to reflect on, as most of us have hurt a great many people.

Ask yourself this: can you go to “Heaven” if people you have hurt have not forgiven you? If you were to go to such a joyful place, would you be in a state of eternal joy if you knew that there were myriads of people who were languishing in some degree of psychic pain because of things you had done to them? What if those people were your next door neighbors, in Heaven? Could you be totally free in such a case? If you are not totally free, devoid of all such regrets and other such burdens, what would it mean to be in “Heaven”?   I suggest that even Heaven would not be “Heaven” in that case.

It is an interesting though disturbing question is it not?

Perhaps you can now recognize that getting forgiveness from an unconditionally loving God is probably far easier than being forgiven by all those you have wronged in your lifetime. So what can you do about this dilemma? Can you get in touch with all the people from your past and ask them to all forgive you? Not likely. You can’t track all these people down, and even if you could, some of them don’t even know the things you did which caused them harm. (They will know all these things when they get to the next world though, so you can not take alot of solace in their current ignorance.)

It is clear you simply you can not hope to locate everyone you have wronged, and may not be able to get the forgiveness of those you are still able to get in touch with.  (Nevertheless, you can certainly ask for forgiveness when the opportunities present themselves. Apologies from a sincere heart go a very long ways toward melting away resentments.) What you CAN do, and SHOULD do, is do for others what you would have them do to you.

Forgive those who have wronged you. Understand, from deep down in your soul, that those who have wronged you did so exactly as you have wronged others, and for pretty much the same reasons. Those who hurt you nevertheless consider themselves basically good people, just as you do, and consider themselves worthy of forgiveness, just as you do. They have the same list of rationalizations for their shortcomings as you do, and their rationalizations are just as True as yours.

A wise man told us long ago that if we were proceeding to the altar to make an offering to God, but on the way remember that we have an issue with our brother or sister, that we should make peace with them and then go to the altar of God to make our offering together. Thus we can see that the almighty God of unconditional, True Love is quite concerned that we find a way to forgive each other, before we worry about getting the forgiveness of God.

And so it is that we are told to love even our enemies, as an indispensable key to our own salvation.

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