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Swimming in Fuel

Let’s talk about virtually free energy. Let’s talk about hydrogen. Hydrogen, as you may know, is the most abundant element in the universe – by a very large margin. Contrast hydrogen with uranium, which is one of the most scarce elements in the universe. Uranium is used to fuel all of the world’s nuclear reactors today. It is scarce, expensive, and fraught with tremendous numbers of difficulties when used as directed. Even when used per “the manufacturer’s instructions”, we are confronted with tremendous exposure to radiation hazards, accidents, and ultimately, nuclear waste. Einstein was once quoted as saying “nuclear energy is one hell of a way to boil water”. And so it is.


On the other hand, hydrogen burns clean, and leaves no waste products. Burning hydrogen creates pure water. Hydrogen is everywhere. As mentioned above, it is the most abundant element in the universe. And yet, despite the fact that it is arguably the world’s most efficient and abundant source of heat, it is not used as such in the world today. Let’s think about that for a moment…


Why isn’t hydrogen the primary source of fuel in the world today? Well, for one thing, it is difficult to store. In order for it to be packaged as a fuel we need to compress it, and then store it in some kind of tank. Carbon fiber or other steel reinforced tanks might be a solution. But in order to compress enough hydrogen into a tank which would easily fit into our trunk is problematic at best. Also, hydrogen stored in a tank presents another set of risks. One of the reasons hydrogen is such a remarkably efficient fuel is that it burns very easily. In fact, it burns so quickly that it becomes important that it be stored apart from oxygen. Because if it is stored/compressed together with oxygen it is becomes tremendously explosive. Yet, paradoxically it needs oxygen in order to burn.


By way of example, a few years ago I was experimenting with a friend in Colorado. We were doing hydrolysis research in my garage. At one point we had a noticeable bubble of hydrogen and oxygen floating on top of a soapy mixture of water, sitting in my driveway. It was not a huge bubble – it was roughly the size of a golf ball. My friend looked at that bubble and thought I wonder how big a bang this will make?  

He pulled out his lighter and began to bend toward the bubble. I had a suspicion that the explosion was going to be bigger than he was expecting, and I began backing up. Well, I can tell you that the shockwave of the explosion was not enough to hurt them.  However, the tremendous sound of the bang that erupted when he put the lighter to that bubble knocked him off his feet. I am sure that my neighbors 500 yards away, at the very end of the block, jumped up and asked what the hell was that? We are talking cherry bomb or M80 blast. A single golf ball sized bubble of hydrogen and oxygen produced that kind of a blast.


I know that not all of my readers believe in God. Others perhaps believe that God exists but are not convinced that this being is necessarily compassionate, benevolent, or otherwise possessing what we might consider to be a parental heart. However, for the sake of this discussion I would ask people to put aside their skepticism for a moment and just imagine that such a being exists, and created hydrogen as the perfect fuel for humanity.  Such a divine being would consider not only making hydrogen the most abundant element in the universe, but also devise a means of safely compressing hydrogen until it could be compressed no further. He might also have conceived of a way to combine this compressed hydrogen with oxygen in a perfect ratio, so that it would always burn perfectly, cleanly, without any need for any other elements.


As we discussed earlier, the problem with this scenario is that if oxygen and hydrogen are combined to a perfect burning combination, it becomes VERY explosive. What if, through some divine miracle, this perfect ratio of compressed hydrogen and oxygen, the ultimate and perfect fuel, were somehow to be made non-explosive? How cool would that be? Well, it turns out that this is exactly what happened.


The ultimate fuel, hydrogen and oxygen mixed together in a perfectly stochiometric mix, condensed as far as it can be, so much so that abundant amounts of fuel can be carried easily in very small containers, is…. WATER.


Think about that for a moment. Water is the perfect mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. It is compressed hydrogen mixed with compressed oxygen. We are literally swimming in this stuff. The oceans are full of it. And, amazingly, this perfect fuel which should be so explosive that we dare not get too near it, is not explosive. In fact, we use it to put out fires. Further, we drink it several times a day. We excrete it when we urinate. There is no reason, no rational reason, that we cannot use our own urine to heat our homes, to power our cars, and to otherwise energize our lives. Transcontinental boat rides should/can be easily powered by the water beneath the ships.

Now, I know that some will say that this is coincidental, and certainly not evidence that a divine being planned these things as I suggested above. However, there is no question that if such a divine being exists, and if that divine being wanted to create the ultimate fuel, package it safely, and make it widely available to humanity, he could not have done a better job than to package it in a substance such as water.


Water is the ultimate fuel. In the rather near future humanity will certainly learn how to freely and easily crack water into a form we can burn at will. How cool is that? The future is bright.


Was Fukushima a victim of Stuxnet?

As many of my readers likely know, there was an exceptionally brilliant piece of utterly evil computer code released on the world beginning in 2009.  It was named Stuxnet.  I urge you to read Vanity Fair’s April 2011 article about Stuxnet for a good understanding of what the virus does, who wrote it, and why.

The following article will develop a hypothesis that will likely offend a few of my readers.  I apologize for that in advance.  However, the narrative that follows makes more sense than the official line we have been told.  It is worth the time to consider the possibilities, until we know exactly what happened in Fukushima on 3/11/2011.

We know that the Stuxnet virus was written, at least in part, by Israeli programmers.  There is reason to believe that American black ops were also behind the writing of the code.  The virus was presumably intended to primarily target Iranian nuclear facilities ( it appears that the virus was very effective in slowing down the work at Iran’s nuclear power plant.).  However the virus also infected computer systems across Asia, and most likely has infected numerous public utilities, both nuclear and conventional, around the planet.

Without getting too technical, the virus reprograms systems that control such things as the opening and shutting valves.  (It has other effects as well, not nearly so benign.)  It then actually hides itself.  It changes the reading on all the instruments, dials and  readouts  so that everything appears to be working as it should, when in fact everything is spinning out of control.

This is not just devious.  It’s sinister.  It’s brilliant, if you happen to be a certifiable lunatic, a bonafide nuclear terrorist.   Once infected, there is no easy way to tell if a nuclear reactor, or any other large public utility, is operating as it should.  Engineers can no longer believe what the instruments are telling them.  Even if their cameras are showing that it’s sunny outside, they still need to go outside and actually look at the sky, to be certain.  Because the images on the screen may not be real.  Normally, we fervently desire nuclear reactors to actually be controllable by trained operators.  Stuxnet effectively removes that option.

This virus didn’t cause much panic, when the world believed that the bad-guys-du-jour, the Iranians, were the only victims of this cyber warfare.  But then on March 11, 2011, the Japanese found themselves in a critical situation; unable to cool multiple reactors after an earthquake and tidal wave.  None of their cooling systems worked.   We were told that not one, not two, but three different redundant power supplies failed.  Further, they all failed at not just one reactor, but at every reactor at the site.  All at the same time.

This seemed remotely plausible, given the extraordinary circumstances of the tsunami.  But even still, many people questioned how so many redundant power supplies failed at the same time.   This was not some small internet site.  It was a group of nuclear reactors.  There is no place on earth with more safeguards and redundant systems in place than nuclear reactors.    Still, there was no smoking gun suggesting the official story might not be the truth, so many just accepted the cover story as fact.  I was one of them.

But then, an article appeared at Mike Rivero’s awesome site, that revealed that Stuxnet was found in Japan five months earlier.  The article did not specify that the virus was found in a nuclear power plant, but remember,  Stuxnet was specifically designed to attack nuclear power plants.   So, we should consider it was possible, even likely, to have infected one or more nuclear reactors.  Further, apparently the Fukushima site used the Siemens controllers that Stuxnet was designed to corrupt.  (These particular controllers are ubiquitous around the world.  They are very popular and widely used.)

Suddenly the unfolding drama in Japan made a lot more sense.  All of the Fukushima reactors suffered simultaneous massive problems with their cooling.    Remember, Stuxnet is designed to reprogram the systems that do such things as open and shut valves, and then to hide itself, and change the readouts on the screens the engineers are looking at.  If Stuxnet had infected Fukushima, the cooling systems failing would be exactly the kind of difficulties we would expect.  Further, it would be nigh impossible for the engineers to fix the problem in the time frame they had to work with.  None of their tools would work as expected.   Disaster awaits.

So let’s recap.  We know that Stuxnet was found in Japan, and we know simultaneously all of Fukushima’s reactors cooling systems failed – i.e., the valves that control the water flow weren’t working.  Maybe, as we were told, ALL the multiple redundant power supplies failed simultaneously.   This is possible, but highly unlikely – on the order of a 1 in a million probability.  OR maybe…  Stuxnet had infected the site, and reprogrammed their instruments so that the nuclear technicians  did not even know they had a problem until they saw the reactors burning.   According to their instrument panels, maybe the temperature controls all still read “normal”…

It is a compelling storyline, but of course, there is still no “proof” that this is what actually happened.  The authorities, unfortunately, cannot be trusted to tell us the Truth on matters such as these.  We know that.  So we must dig some more – question some more – speculate some more.  How might the virus have made it into the nuclear facilities?

It turns out that the Japanese nuclear facilities security was provided by an Israeli company.  We know that Israel wrote the virus, so they certainly COULD have either inadvertently or deliberately infected the site.  They had the means and the opportunity to do so.   Recall that this is a virus, and that it was made to spread without people even knowing they are spreading it.   We will return to the issue of motivation, in the event it was deliberately infected,  shortly.

Meanwhile, in Fukushima’s aftermath, Germany did something very unusual.   She turned off half of her reactors, demanding that they be thoroughly checked for any problems before being brought back online.

Turning off multiple reactors at once is a HUGE inconvenience to a country, to say the least.  Many millions of dollars are involved, not to mention that the country would suffer serious energy shortages as a result.  President Merkel also ordered that the remaining nuclear reactors be examined thoroughly before being re-certified.   She must have had a very compelling reason to act so “rashly”.  What is she so afraid of??? What does she know that we don’t?

Clearly she does not want a Fukushima situation to develop in Germany.   But is Germany in danger of being flooded by a tidal wave?  No – it is not under any manner of tsunami threat.  What then, do German reactors have in common with Fukushima?

One thing it apparently has in common with Fukushima is that the reactors run on Siemens equipment.  This is a given, since Siemens is a German firm.  So, we immediately know that German reactors are at risk from the get-go.  Secondly, it has been reported that the security for at least some of her reactors is provided by an Israeli security firm.  (I have read this, but have not yet been able to confirm it.  For now, let’s go with what’s been reported. If any readers can confirm or disprove this, please send you information along asap.)   So, IF indeed Fukushima was infected by Stuxnet, possibly intentionally infected via Israeli security contractors, then Germany would also be at great risk.  That would absolutely explain the draconian steps of shutting down half of the reactors in the country.   Would it not?

The conclusion we have is that there is a very strong possibility that Stuxnet caused Fukushima.  And, there is a compelling argument that Stuxnet fears are what drove Germany to turn off her reactors.   The question that remains is highly provocative.  Might the infections have been done intentionally, by Israeli agents?

We need a motive, and/or other evidence before making this accusation.   After all,  WHY would Israel deliberately infect Japanese and German reactors with a virus that could cause massive casualties and disrupt entire nations?

At this stage, unfortunately, my detective work gets slim.  I can postulate a few guesses and observations, but I honestly don’t know if I am hitting the mark or not.  Having said that, here are a few observations.  I’m sure there are other possibilities I haven’t even considered:

In February, Germany broke with tradition and voted against Israel at the UN.   She voted for a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning the Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory, and demanding the immediate halt of all settlement activity.   Merkel personally scolded Netanyahu for not moving the peace process forward.  We are told that Netanyahu is furious with Merkel for this recent action.

Is he angry enough to threaten her with a nuclear disaster on German soil?  Perhaps.  Interestingly, someone, or some government, apparently tried to assassinate Merkel yesterday (3/21/2011) when both her helicopter’s engines failed simultaneously.  Fortunately for her, at the last minute she changed her plans, and hadn’t boarded the helicopter.  The very next day Germany withdrew all support from the Libyan invasion.   The good Chancellor Merkel is clearly upset about SOMETHING.   My suspicion is that she knows exactly who sabotaged her helicopter, and fears that the same people have tampered with her country’s nuclear reactors.

But, what about Japan?  Why might Israel have wanted to infect Japanese reactors?   I note that it is possible that the infection, if deliberate, was for blackmail purposes.  Perhaps it was not expected that a major earthquake would precipitate a disaster, that Stuxnet would then grossly amplify.

The following is pure speculation, and may or may not suffice for Israeli motivation to do something so wicked.   Having said that, I note that Japan is actively assisting in the establishment of the Palestinian nation. Indeed, Japan’s role in this regard has been exemplary and puts much of the west to shame by comparison.    Of course, Israel hates everything Palestine, and fully intends to expel all Palestinians from both Gaza and the West Bank at the earliest opportunity.  What she wants is a blank check to do as she will with the Palestinians, and Japan has been utterly uncooperative in this regard.  Fukushima may have been infected to extort a change in this area.

Would Israel really do such a thing?  If (almost) any other country were thus implicated, I would guess probably not.  But in the case of Israel, in light of everything else we have seen them do, ie, the USS Liberty, 9/11, Operation Cast Lead, etc,  I would have to say …  probably.  Such hardball tactics seem to be a game Israel plays on a regular basis.

Israel has no friends or allies anywhere, except America, for  good reason.   It is a nation burdened with the sociopathic belief that God loves them more than any other race or religion, and that they are therefore more valuable than the rest of humanity, combined.  In my estimation, such a twisted worldview has led them to adopt a set of ethics that the rest of humanity simply can’t comprehend.  Think of it as “Heavenly Deception” being practiced on a national level.


I have received many emails expressing both agreement and disbelief, but (so far) none that either prove or disprove that Siemens controllers were installed at Fukushima.  My Stuxnet theory turns on the idea that Siemens controllers were installed therein.

However, I was made aware of a rather chilling coincidence, via this post.

The author of the post notes that the disaster occurred one year to the day after Japan made a public pronouncement critical of Israeli occupation of Palestine.  The author suggests God punished Japan for their hostility to Israeli policies.   This argument suggests that God is a sociopath.   I am fairly certain the Creator is not so demented as to behave as that post suggests.  But history suggests that Israel is governed by sociopaths who would in fact do such a thing.   So, the post suggests that Israeli agents deliberately precipitated the disaster to fall on that particular day.

Like most of my readers I don’t want to believe that Israel could be so criminally inclined as to deliberately precipitate a catastrophe of this magnitude.  So barring evidence to the contrary I believe they intended to extort a change in Japanese behavior, but then a tsunami occurred and the situation rapidly went critical (pun intended).

If anyone can find proof of any of the hypotheses expressed here, or can disprove them, please send them along.  I will update my article accordingly.

Canaries in the Gulf

As you may know, there was practice at one time to bring a canary into the coal mines. It’s purpose was quite simple…. Many mines were prone to being filled with toxic gases which often had no identifying smell. This was a problem, as people were likely to die without ever knowing they were breathing deadly gases. However, the canary has a lower threshold to poisonous gases than people, so in the presence of toxins the air, it would die before the workers did. And so, the workers would take comfort in hearing the bird singing. If it stopped singing, people would check to see if the bird was dead. If it was, everyone exited the mine post haste.

Today, there are likely dozens of toxic gases in the air all over the gulf. Can you smell them all? Some you can smell from far away, but surely not all of them. Are they all toxic? Probably most of them are, though some may not kill their victims right away. They may just leave you ill, or prone to giving birth to deformed children, or other such “non-lethal” results.   Other gases will probably kill their victims rather quickly, in the right concentration. Of course, you probably need not worry about these things, because SURELY the air quality is being measured and tested every day, and in locations all along the entire perimeter of the gulf.  Oh, what do you say? You can’t find any published indications of the air quality in your neighborhood?

What a surprise.  Guess what?  The rat bastards who are pouring millions of gallons of some of the most toxic poisons into your back yard, are not telling you what the air quality in your house is.   People are getting sick every day up and down the gulf, but no one with a camera is allowed within 65 feet of the crime scene. I can guarantee you, that the embargo has been placed on reporters, both professional and amateur, because something dreadful and hideous is being hidden from you.  If things were getting even remotely better, cameras would be welcome, even encouraged.

So, my question to everyone living within 100 miles of the Gulf is…. Do you have a canary in your home and your place of work? If you don’t, then guess what? YOU ARE THE CANARY.

I can sympathize with people living in the gulf and I understand the tremendous pressure they are under which is, in many cases, causing many to freeze up in the decision making process.  Their homes are in the gulf, their jobs are (or were) in the gulf, they have nowhere else to go in most cases, and no savings to utilize in making a “start your life over” move.  As a result, it seems to me, many have become like deer staring at the headlights of an oncoming car.  Like a man who, on the cusp of freezing to death, remarks how warm it is, and wouldn’t it be nice to just take a nap…

I understand that moving trucks are already not available across the gulf, as there are many people moving out of the region, at least temporarily.  I would venture a guess that at some point in early August, if the relief wells are not successful in containing the crime scene, the current complacency will change to fear.   If you know people in the gulf or even living along the Eastern seaboard, please get in touch with them and offer them any assistance you can.  I suspect that in the near future they will need your help and support.

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