Welcome to my blog.  I have an avid interest in alternative energy, new age ideals, and a decidedly headwing political focus.  By headwing, I mean that I am neither right wing nor left wing.  I see advantages and disadvantages to both perspectives, from time to time.

I have an MBA in International Business from USC, but I was long employed as a SAN Engineer for one of the big computer companies in Colorado.  I semi-retired in 2008.  I left America and spend most of my time on a farm or a boat in the Philippines.

In 2001 I ran (unsuccessfully) for United States Congress, and remain an activist for political and new age causes.

I hope you enjoy my thoughts – feel free to send me a comment!

Jim Fredrickson


2 responses

  1. I enjoyed reading your thoughts. You have an interesting take on things.

  2. Hi Jim,

    That was a good piece about the Fukushima / Stuxnet connection. I’ll be sure to check back again and see what new info you’ve found and compiled.

    Please write an updated article after you’ve sifted through all the comments for useful info. Many of us don’t take the time to look through the comments ourselves, as comments are often made by troublemakers giving mocking, arrogant, or simply nasty input.



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