Network Marketing is the Future

As many of my readers know, I got an MBA from University of Southern California. During my time in grad school I was surprised to learn how many of America’s self-made millionaires earned their wealth from network marketing.  As a result of this revelation, right after graduation I began looking for a network marketing company to invest my time in.

One of my graduate school peers invited me to a startup MLM. It was brand-new, and was a great idea. Unfortunately, several months after it began, it fell apart.

Several years later, having learned from my experience with startups I decided to investigate the best-known company in the MLM industry.  I discovered that the company’s high growth curve had occurred 20 years earlier.  It is too late to invest in that one, I believe.

Fortunately, I believe I have found an excellent MLM candidate. It’s called Skinny Body Care (SBC). They essentially market a single product, called skinny fiber. They have an exceptional compensation plan.  Its major growth curve is dead ahead. The company has been in business now for ~ 1.5 years.

You can earn $1600 per month without ever sponsoring anyone.  I don’t think any MLM has ever done this before.  They are going to force the industry to re-write their compensation plans.

Be sure to visit:  Skinny Body Care  for more information!


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