2012; The End of What, exactly? Part 2

In response to my last post, “2012; The End of What, exactly?”,  I was asked:  “How can you hold any reasonable optimism that the future will be anything but an expression of the past?  Even if Free Energy bring a cornucopia of possibilities and development beginning sometime around 2013, would not “human nature” guarantee that human exploitation would continue in more refined ways?”    It is a fair question which I will address here…

Before I continue, I must reiterate that 2012 is looking to be a very challenging year.  Consider the possibility of just a few events that seem increasingly likely:

  1. WW3 breaking out centered on the Persian Gulf,
  2. The almost certain collapse of the euro and the dollar,
  3. The fallout (pun intended) of the Fukushima disaster, in which a slow-motion “China Syndrome” is occurring even as these words are being typed.  As we have never before seen an actual China Syndrome, we don’t yet know exactly how this will end.  But we will likely see the end sometime in 2012.  We will need to rename it: “The Japan Syndrome”.

Item #1 is not inevitable, but seems to be something that powerful men desperately want.  Clearly, a World War will likely end as a nuclear war.  That couldn’t end well.  It could only end quite badly.   Items 2 & 3 are pretty much unavoidable at this point.    There are many other difficult situations developing, but this short list suffices to make the point.   2012 could indeed be “the end” of humanity, as we have known it.

However, I have argued that this is a time of great optimism – a time of awakening and rebirth.  So, which is it? A time of hope or a time of fear?

We are witnessing transformations on a daily basis that give rise for great hope.  All over the world people are awakening to the realization that their leaders have been lying to them.  All over the world people are mobilizing to demand Truth and Freedom.  Everywhere, people are beginning to recognize they have spent their lives ignorant and enslaved.  Certainly this awakening, painful though it may be, is a necessary precursor to being able to adapt to a new paradigm.

In real terms, the numbers of the “awake” are small compared to the number of people who remain “comfortably numb”.  In America the litmus test is probably best illustrated by 911 Truth.  For a great many Americans there is a tremendous set of spiritual blinders, a cognitive dissonance that permeates the soul.  It prevents them from questioning the official narrative of 9/11.  To question the 9/11 narrative is to cast doubt on every myth we were taught from childhood.  From the pledge of allegiance, Christopher Columbus, Armstrong’s walk on the moon, and pearl harbor, to the emancipation proclamation.

It is not surprising then, that very many cannot bring themselves to question the narrative.  But there is a dramatic awakening happening just the same.  Many people have awoken.   There is a subtle but pervasive effect that a small group of people can (and do) have on the psyche of the greater masses.  It is often called the 100th monkey syndrome.  As the number of people who know and appreciate the nature of Truth and Beauty grows, an ever-growing pressure on the sleeping masses’ perceptions increases.  And that subtle pressure is building with each passing day.

So things are spinning out of the control of those who would prefer that people remain comfortably numb.  Everywhere they look, the illuminati see people are pulling back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz, and seeing a rather old man pulling levers.  People are turning off the news channels that the illuminati bought and paid for decades ago.  They are learning via the internet.  911 Truth is spreading.  The phenomenon is occurring everywhere.

While the illuminati are desperate to destroy the central bank in Iran, and are willing to kill as many American soldiers and Iranian civilians as necessary to achieve that goal, they know they are running out of time.  Their repeated attempts to prevent Americans from hearing the message of Freedom & Liberty from Dr Ron Paul is not working.  People are hearing the message.  Americans are actually becoming aware that the Federal Reserve is an evil institution that steals from them every day.  I very much doubt that the illuminati anticipated this awakening.  The Occupy Wall Street movement is a sign of the times.

International marriages are occurring on every continent.   People in many countries are realizing that they have no true “enemies”, other than corporate fictions that have no soul. They cannot continue to see Iraqis, Afghanis, Americans or Iranians as subhuman.  Soldiers are brainwashed in boot camp to see muslims as less than human, so that they can kill them without remorse.  But the brainwashing is wearing off.   The 1960s generation saw a popular movie entitled: “Suppose they gave a war and nobody came?”.  That idea, ludicrous at one time, is no longer far-fetched.  Witness this…   Amazingly, it seems that we are now learning how to communicate with our own newborn babies, using a universal baby language…

The 1960s also featured a popular song that heralded the “dawning of the age of Aquarius”.  Most did not know at that time what that meant, nor when it actually was to begin.  Today we know that the astrological start date is in December of this year.  As to what it means, that is still unclear.  But clearly, we are at a unique moment in history – we will soon face a moment of Truth.  One path will lead to a nuclear war and a level of destruction few can even imagine.  The other leads to the building of a new society as the dollar and euro fail (replaced by something new), government institutions worldwide are uniformly seen as corrupt and unworkable (replaced by something new).  Hundreds of suppressed technologies offering unlimited free energy, foodstuffs, cancer (and other diseases) cures, and many more exciting technologies will become commonly available, if we choose the better path.

Interestingly, it is not only humanity that seems to be on the verge of a great leap in our evolution.  Even the animal kingdoms seem to be experiencing some kind of evolutionary change on a grand scale.  We see that gorillas now can communicate with human beings.  We see orangutans are now learning to swim and to use tools to catch fish.  We see birds engaging in activity that can only be called “play”.  We see common crows using tools in a complex manner to solve problems on a first try.  This indicates they are now able to solve complex problems entirely within their cerebral cortex.  And let’s not forget the recent discovery of a totally new “lost world” of species never seen before, under the Antarctic.

Such things as these were unheard of just 40 years ago.  So the animal kingdom is undergoing a significant leap in its evolutionary path at this moment in time.  That seems indisputable.  We can easily appreciate the magnitude of such changes in the animal kingdom, because we are not caught up in the change.   It is more difficult to appreciate that we are undergoing evolutionary change of similar magnitude, because we are so very close to it.  It’s the age-old vexing problem of missing the forest because the trees are in the way.

The question that we must ask is: “Is it a coincidence that the animal kingdom is evolving at the same moment in time as we seem to be?   Is the New Age which beckons to us to quickly evolve into a more enlightened age, simultaneously bringing the animal kingdom to a new level as well?”  It is of course, hard to say with certainty, but it seems that we are in the midst of a planet-wide evolutionary moment.  A time of “missing links”.

The ancients that spoke of 2012 as “the end of the great year” were clearly aware of something we are overlooking to this day.  The question of how they knew, and what exactly might be driving this process, is an entirely different question.  We’ll leave that discussion to a future time.


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