2012 – The End of what, exactly?

By now most of you have become aware that the ancient Mayan calendar comes to an abrupt end on December 21, 2012.   The Mayan calendar was highlighted in the recent Hollywood hit entitled “2012”.

That an ancient Mesoamerican calendar ends abruptly in 2012 would not ordinarily catch anyone’s interest.  But in this case, it is a calendar which has been breathtakingly accurate for thousands of years.  It has accurately measured the movement of planets and moons for thousands of years.  It accounts for leap years and accurately predicts lunar and solar eclipses to this very day.

Yet, this ingenious calendar, which could not have been created without a simply unbelievable understanding of the movement of the planets and stars, ends in December of this year.  It just stops.  Like a dead end street.

The implications were exploited by the movie 2012.  The movie depicted massive earth changes which killed most of humanity.  It was a successful film in that it likely made it’s producer a great deal of money.  But, did the movie touch upon the Truth of the time we live in, or not?

As fascinating as the implications of the Mayan calendar are, it simply cannot compare, in my opinion, to the design of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  The Pyramids cannot be adequately discussed here.  I strongly urge everyone to do a web search on “mysteries of the pyramids”.  Set aside several hours to soak in the information that is readily available.  It is simply paradigm-shattering, and should be taught in every senior high school.  If nothing else, the awareness of the mysteries of the pyramids awakens in every discerning student the understanding that our present view of human history is missing something VERY important.

One of the many enigmas enshrined in the pyramid is that there seems to be a calendar encoded into the internal design of the shafts and chambers.  There is a solitary engraving in the pyramid.  At the entrance to the King’s Chamber there is a rainbow.   Utilizing a purported “calendar” that measures years by distance traveled within the internal shafts, measured in Egyptian inches, one finally arrives at the rainbow, and the King’s Chamber, in the year 2012.

A coincidence?  Perhaps.  But it is certainly one of those things that should make one say: “Hmmm…..”

But enough of ancient calendars and pyramids.  What do others say about the age we live in?  The world is full of evangelical types who believe that biblical prophesies of the last days are being fulfilled (ie, earthquakes, wars, rumors of war, etc).  They predict that Jesus will return and rescue a chosen few, and then the rest of humanity will be destroyed.  And it’s not only evangelical Christians that think in this way.  Many jews and Muslims hold similar beliefs.  To be fair, it does appear that many biblical prophesies are being realized.

However most of these apocalyptic scenarios envision massive earth changes wiping out humanity.  They fail to consider the possibility that prophesies of the end of time, the last days, the end of the era (Mayan), the return of Christ, etc, speak about a GLORIOUS NEW BEGINNING.  Not a terrible end.

Actually, a fuller understanding of Mayan prophesy is that we are living through the end of the “5th era” (by their count).  So, they understand there have been 4 eras that preceded the one we know, and presumably a 6th  era is to begin on or about Dec 21, 2012.  This is far cry from the horrific end of life as portrayed by the 2012 movie.  The Pyramids prophesy reaching the King’s chamber and the rainbow, in 2012.  Of course, the rainbow is typically a sign of renewed hope and new life.

So, how could such radical new era happen?  There are only 11 more months until that fateful date.  It seems frightfully difficult to imagine humanity experiencing a worldwide awakening of consciousness and spirit in just 11 more months.  (Even if Jesus were to return today, would his followers even recognize him?  I tend to doubt it.)

On the other hand, 2012 is shaping up to be a most challenging year.  Let’s just look at a few glaring examples:

The euro is just weeks, months at best, from failing.  With that the European Union will likely collapse.  It is VERY difficult to even imagine where this will lead.  But it almost assuredly will be challenging to the extreme.

The dollar will perversely probably benefit from the euro’s collapse.  But it too will likely fail before the end of 2012.  As above, this too will be challenging in the extreme, for the entire globe.

The US government has recently declared war on it’s own Citizens (NDAA).  While many/most Americans are not paying attention, they are now no longer protected by the Bill of Rights, or the Constitution they were taught to revere.  This can only get ugly.  More on this topic in a later post.

The US and her allies are already waging a covert war against Iran.  Munitions depots are exploding in Iran, and Iranian scientists are being killed and kidnapped when traveling abroad.  Cyber war was declared against Iran when Stuxnet was developed to cripple their industry.  Their ally, Syria, is being destabilized.  Now, the Iranian Central Bank is being targeted with sanctions.  Iran is responding to these provocations with war games, launching missiles, and admonishing that they can and will close the oil routes through the Persian Gulf.  This situation can EASILY turn into a major war at any time.

Russia and China have BOTH indicated they would get involved in a NATO war against Iran.  China explicitly suggests they will come to Iran’s aid.  Can you say World War 3?  It would almost certainly go nuclear, if that war breaks out.

Around the globe protests will likely continue to escalate, as they have in Egypt.  Expect the Occupy Wall Street movement to return to American cities with a vengeance in the Spring and Summer of 2012.

The 2012 Olympics will be held in London at almost the exact time that the embargo against Iran takes effect.  That would be a GREAT time/place for the neocons to launch a false flag attack.  A biological or nuclear attack on London would be blamed on Iran of course.

There’s much more that deserves mention, of course.  But this short list suffices to demonstrate that 2012 will almost certainly be a very challenging year.  But I am not suggesting it means the END OF THE WORLD.  Rather, 2012 can be viewed as a turning point.  It could see the emergence of a set of worldwide circumstances that forces the average man and woman on the street, ANY and EVERY street, to make a decision about what they are prepared to fight for, die for, and live for.

Actually Jesus spoke of the last days being a time like a time of a woman in labor.  There will be increasingly violent and painful contractions, but the end is the cry of new life, rather than the cry of death.  I tend to think, hope and believe that this is the significance of 2012.  The birth of a new era.  I believe that mankind will finally reach the end of it’s collective rope and make the wise choice at a critical moment.

Therefore 2012 represents a turning point.  It means we were born at a remarkable time, and that we may yet see the emergence of the new age, prophesied thousands of years ago.  This new age will be an age of plenty.  No scarcity of food, water, energy or hope.  No need will exist for the politics of redistribution, nor the logic of war.

Cold fusion and hosts of other emerging technologies will be readily available to each and every person around the planet beginning sometime in 2013.  (Did you know that Andrea Rossi is reported to be already in talks with Home Depot to sell E-Cat Cold Fusion devices for home use next year?)  There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of patents on free energy, remarkably efficient engines, that were shelved in the name of national security and corporate profits.  These technologies will be reborn in short order.

We will never again need to pay an electric bill, gas or oil bill.  We will never again pay to power our homes, cars, planes, helicopters, boats, submarines, or personal jet packs.  Productivity will soar to unimaginable heights, and the stress, worries and pain of the age we knew will cease to be.  Our grandchildren will ask us if we were alive when there was war and hunger.

But all this and much more will be seen beginning sometime in 2013.  Before then, we still need to get through the labor pains of 2012.  And we need to individually and collectively make the right decisions when the moment arrives.  I’m not scared.  I’m excited.  How about you?


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