Third time is often a charm

The 2012 election cycle is beginning.  We see republicans announcing, amidst speculation of running mates. We hear talk of job creation, tax cuts, and other such time-honored campaign platforms. In addition we have speculation of birth certificates and rumors of illegitimate births.  As the bible says, there is nothing new under the sun.  It’s always more of the same.

But I find the need to step up and SHOUT AS LOUD AS I CAN to all my well-intentioned friends and acquaintances….


Your votes do not matter because the powers-that-be (PTB) will only allow you to vote from amongst two candidates that they will pre-choose.  Those two candidates will disagree on the margins, AND ONLY ABOUT THINGS THAT DON’T MATTER. In the end, you will be offered a choice between tweedle dee and tweedle dumb.  They will both look good, sound good, and will accuse each other of spouting all manner of economic nonsense.  They will both promise to get the economy going again; to put Americans back to work.  They will both promise to end the wars as soon as we can do so in a ‘responsible manner’.  They will each promise the moon and the stars.

But neither of the two candidates, if elected, will accomplish either goal.  They will do just as gw and ob have done before them.  gw’s campaign platform was such that he explicitly promised NOT to engage in nation-building.  Within a month of taking office his cabinet was discussing how to start nation-building in Iraq and Afghanistan.  ob’s campaign explicitly promised to end the endless wars.  We could ‘take that to the bank’.  Within a month of taking office he escalated the war on helpless Pakistanis.  Then he escalated the war in Afghanistan.  Then he invaded Libya.  We still have a year to go.  I wonder who he will invade next?  Syria perhaps?

You are being lied to 24/7.  Repeat that slogan three times a day, every day, until you get it.

We recently have had computer programmers testifying under oath that our computers that count our votes are fixed.  You DO know that, don’t you?  Your votes don’t matter.  You will be offered 2 shiny candidates, who are each in some manner beholden to the PTB.  Then, after a show campaign, the computers will pick the “winner”, regardless of your vote for tweedle dee or tweedle dumb.  You will either get gw 3 or ob 2.  It doesn’t matter which one of the candidates the computer picks.  They will be the same underneath.  The campaign is a charade.  A monument to an earlier era.

Meanwhile, some of you hoped to minimize the ravages of hyper inflation by planting a backyard garden.  But now, plutonium is falling into your garden with each rainfall.  Your garden is being poisoned, slowly but inexorably, by one of the most deadly substances known to man.  The devil himself could not come up with a more sinister poison.  And you are now drinking it, eating it, and breathing it. And it’s just getting worse by the week… The PTB has responded by reporting that they have recently discovered that radiation is actually good for you…  This is too brain-dead silly to even comment on, but there you have it.  Educated men and women believe this stinking pile of dog crap.  In the face of a litany of stupefying, civilization-ending, monstrous problems, the talking heads on the idiot box are discussing:  which will best save America, a tweak in the marginal tax rate?  Or laying off no-good selfish teachers and firefighters?

Meanwhile, the IMF recently estimated that the transfer of power from America to the next world power (China) will be complete sometime in the next prez’ term.  The dollar is terminal – it’s dying.  So what, you say?  EVERYTHING YOU OWN IS DENOMINATED IN DOLLARS.  YOU WORK 40-50 HOURS/WK FOR DOLLARS.  And those dollars you work for, that you have saved in nest eggs and retirement accounts, your social security and your pensions, insurance policies and annuities, are soon to be virtually worthless.  What should that tell Americans about their future?  But pitifully few are preparing for the inevitable day that approaches.  The rest debate throwing union workers out of work, in order to save the state a couple million dollars, but nod their heads in agreement when they hear we will spend billions blowing up Libyans, and sending billions of dollars worth of munitions to dictators in places like Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Israel…

As you can see, I have just about lost all faith in America and in those who call it home.  Barring a miracle, America is finished.  She is dirt bag broke, too blind to see, and about to be terminally ill (literally).  America is a failed experiment. It’s past time to learn to speak Chinese or Korean, because the writing is plainly on the wall.

The tragedy is that America’s economic problems could be solved overnight.  All need be done is end the God-forsaken wars and fire the FEDERAL RESERVE.  Our economic problems would be drastically reduced in a heartbeat.  Of course, we would still be facing a world of hurt from breathing plutonium, but maybe there’s a miraculous technological solution waiting in the wings.  (As I believe in a Divine Creator who knows how to solve the plutonium problem, I know there is hope.)

The only thing that might renew my faith in America’s future would be if a true outsider gets elected in 2012.  Someone principled – not sold out to the PTB.  Not blackmail-able and not easy to bribe.  Ron Paul fits that description to a “T”, but in order for him to win, he would need to be polling in the 70-90% range prior to the election.  That way fraudulent computer tallies could not give the election to a stooge, without an immediate backlash from the people.  That’s certainly a LONG SHOT – but this is his third run, and Providence often secures miracles on a third try.  So maybe I ought to retain some hope for America just a bit longer …


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  1. Nicely written blog and I agree 100%. Ron Paul 2012

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