Who killed the Kennedys?

It should be noted in the very beginning of this article that this is ultimately sheer conjecture.  I can not prove my implied conclusions.  I simply note the obvious clues and allow the reader to draw their own conclusions.  I will admit there are other spheres of influence that were likely involved, as well as those suggested herein.

“Deep Throat” told Woodward & Bernstein to “follow the money” to crack the Watergate scandal.  Wise advice it was.  To solve any mystery it is good to always first ask the question: “Qui Bono” or “Who benefited from the crime?”

Consider the murder of JFK.  It is hard to determine exactly who was responsible since there were many parties that benefited from his death.  Perhaps if Oswald could have been interrogated on the record we would know the answer, but as we know, Jack Rubenstein (aka Jack Ruby) executed him before he could give his testimony.

Some of the more likely candidates might include the powers behind the FED, as JFK had begun issuing US notes, backed by silver, to compete with Federal Reserve notes issued by the FED.  Israel is also a suspect, as JFK was pushing to open up Dimona and Israel’s nuclear weapons to inspection.  There are a few other notable candidates, but absent more information, it is hard to be certain.

Robert Kennedy’s murder is a little more revealing.  He ran for President DETERMINED to avenge his brother’s murder.  Given his proximity to the Oval office as Attorney General during his brothers administration, it is likely he had a very good idea of who murdered his brother.  Robert Kennedy  was on the path to winning the Presidential election when he was also murdered.  It is not unreasonable to speculate that those who killed JFK also killed Robert Kennedy.  JFK’s killers had a strong motivation to prevent Robert from being able to prosecute them, while Commander-in-Chief of the United States military.

So let’s take a cursory look at RFK’s murder.   Who directly benefited is a bit unclear unfortunately.   However, as discussed above the most obvious beneficiaries were those who killed his brother and wished to remain safe from retaliation.  But we can learn something from the aftermath of Robert’s murder.  Who was chosen as the patsy for Robert’s murder?  A young man named Sirhan Sirhan, who was a Palestinian.

The choice of a Palestinian as patsy is quite interesting and revealing.  It was 1968 when Robert’s murder occurred.  Just a year before, in 1967, Israel had viciously attacked the American ship the USS Liberty in a failed attempt to sink her and leave no survivors.  Their plan seems to have been to plant evidence implicating Egypt as the perpetrator, in order to get America to attack Egypt.  This is called a “false flag” attack.   This attack happened during the 6 day war in which Israel was fighting Egypt (and others).

So we can see that in the case of the USS Liberty, and other examples, Israel sees an advantage in committing criminal acts and then framing their perceived enemies for their crimes.  So what can we conclude about the murder of Robert Kennedy just a year after the Liberty was attacked?  Qui Bono?  Who benefited from framing a Palestinian man for RFK’s murder?  Israel has been at war with the Palestinians from 1948 to the present.  They had a motivation to frame a Palestinian for Robert’s murder.  It is hard, maybe impossible, to think of another state that had such a motivation.

It may be coincidence (though some would say there are no coincidences), but the name of the man who silenced Oswald before he could testify about John Kennedy’s murder was  Jack Rubenstein (aka Jack Ruby).  Given Rubenstein’s surname, might he perhaps have had an interest in protecting Israel from being exposed for murdering a US President?   Is it a stretch that Israel would then murder Robert to prevent him from taking revenge on Israel as President in 1968?  Or that they would then frame a Palestinian for Robert’s murder?  The pieces fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Of course, this is all very circumstantial and would not be enough to convict in a court of law.  Still, thinking men and women will surmise that there is likely fire behind all the smoke…


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