The guns of August

<Sigh> It seems that Iran is just about ready to fire up its nuclear reactor. The reactor’s completion has been delayed many times for numerous reasons, but the unveiling is finally upon us. Of course, this is not a “real” problem. The world has many nuclear reactors in operation. While some may argue that nuclear is an inherently poor choice for energy generation, the argument hasn’t stopped its use around the world. Except for a few well known catastrophes such as Chernobyl and Three Mile Island, it seems a net positive overall, so far.

So why is this particular reactor such a terrible problem? Israel simply wants to remain the nuclear bad-ass in the region. The fact that Israel never signed the NPT and Iran has done so, is never mentioned by the pro-war crowd. The fact that Iran therefore has as much of a right (if not more) to develop nuclear power than Israel does, is never pointed out. We are simply told, repeatedly, that THIS nuclear reactor is very dangerous. It must be stopped at all costs.

So again, I issue a <sigh>. The sociopaths in the Israeli government and the sociopathic neo-cons in DC are facing a rapidly shrinking window of opportunity to destroy the reactor before it goes online next month. Given their twisted view of the world, they are likely hatching a plot to convince the American people that it is in their interests to support a war against the people of Iran. Time is a strict factor, so in their warped world-view this motivation must appear in the next few weeks…

These sociopaths are not very creative. They keep reaching into the same playbook. They tried unsuccessfully to sucker us into war with Egypt with the Lavon Affair. They tried again when they tried to sink the USS Liberty. Their intention in both cases was to blame Egypt for their foul and despicable acts. They successfully got Americans to support attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan with the 9/11 attack. So, this leads me to wonder…. What plans are they concocting to get Americans to support a war against Iran? Whatever it is, they will undoubtedly leave a smoking gun implicating Iran.

Recall that in the aftermath of 911 there was a single, un-scorched, undamaged passport of an Islamic patsy that turned up on top of the smoldering heap of rubble at ground zero. We were led to believe that the fire burned hot enough to melt all the steel in the towers, and turned thousands of tons of concrete into dust. Not a stick of furniture survived the heat. Yet the Islamic patsy’s “magic passport” survived, miraculously. And thus Americans supported the launching of two wars that have left millions of innocent people dead, wounded, homeless and scarred for life.

So what will the neo-con sociopaths in DC and Tel Aviv inflict upon Americans this time? Whatever it is, I fear it will be visited upon us soon. I hope I am wrong of course. But if some spectacular terrorist attack on American soil happens in the next few weeks, know that despite any evidence to the contrary, it was perpetrated by those who want you to support the murder of tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of Iranians.

<Sigh> Let us just pray that this time their evil plans go astray. Let’s pray that this time they will be exposed, and the American populace see through the deceit and recognize the true perps. Let us hope that finally these twisted sociopaths get hoisted on their petards. Let us pray that this time the American people can discern the Truth, in a timely fashion.


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