Is Wikileaks a con job?

As readers have no doubt noted, I have on numerous occasions held up Wikileaks as a model of what news reporting should be.  I have recently become aware of some rather powerful and credible arguments that I was mistaken and hoodwinked by the organizers of the site.

The first question that resonated with me was how this man, Julian Assange could travel around the world, even giving televised interviews, without being apprehended.   How might this be so,  if the American government was trying as hard to find him as they suggested?   Consider that the current US Government has decided they have the “right” to murder anyone without trial, even US citizens, if they see fit.  They can (and do) put people in prison without access to lawyers or habeus corpus,  for far less than what Assange has done.  And yet, he travels the world giving interviews on tv without being found “suicided”?   On reflection I have to admit that it is quite hard to fathom it could be possible, unless he was being protected by someone quite influential.

It was asked of me why he pre-leaked his latest “expose” to 3 major newspapers.  He had never done that before.   One would not have expected him to pre-leak to those newspapers when there are so many reputable blogs with viewerships exceeding those of the three papers combined.  Worse, these newspapers are known to have lied through their teeth to uphold myths from those of WMD in Iraq, to JFK being killed by a lone gunman firing a “magic bullet” in Daly square!  Why would he trust them with such a precious commodity?  It truly doesn’t make sense.

This leak has no discernible means of verification.  Being all digital with no watermarks or other such identifiers, those 91,000 reports could have been made by anyone.  Assange must have known this.   The question then is, HOW could Assange have vetted the info he was given?  It seems he could not have done so.  This  suggests there is a strong possibility that either he was being duped OR that he was knowingly participating in a con.

We see references to Osama Bin Laden being alive in Pakistan, when it is almost common knowledge that he died some 8 years ago.

The newspapers which were pre-leaked the reports all managed to find incriminating data about Pakistan, which they have run with.  That this just so happens to be where our current military leadership wants to go anyway,  seems rather “convenient”.

There are other telling indications that Julian Assange may be a fraud.  I won’t list them all here.   Suffice to say, I am now aware that Wikileaks may well be a CIA/Mossad front for misinformation.    This revelation is a mixed bag.  Both frustrating and comforting at the same time.  In the new age now dawning, lies can not stand, and will not stand for very long.  Wikileaks and Julin Assange spent alot of time and money garnering the image of a credible source of news leaks.  In an instant that credibility was lost.  If indeed Wikileaks is a disinfo site as seems likely, it is rather gratifying to see it exposed as such so very quickly.


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