Blackmailed by IDF pirates

Like everyone else who was following the freedom flotilla’s progress toward Gazan shores, I knew that it was likely to be stopped by Israeli thugs.  I also knew that it was conceivable that it could turn violent, though I prayed it would not.   Still, in my worst nightmares I did not foresee the incredible brutality and murder that took place.

There is reason to believe that president obama was given a heads up beforehand.  I say that only because we know that his chief of staff visited Israel  shortly prior to the slaughter, ostensibly for a bar mitzvah.  I think we can safely assume that he met with Israeli leaders to discuss the flotilla’s upcoming arrival.

So, it seems that obama was aware that Israeli pirates would board an American ship.  He chose not to stop this.  He may not have foreseen that Americans others would be executed, such as an American teenager executed with 4 bullets to the brain.  He may not have known that the pirates would throw injured peace activists overboard into the cold Mediterranean waters.  He may not have known that Israeli tear gas canisters would later blow out the eyes of Americans protesting on shore.

He may not have known in advance the pirates would be so shockingly brutal.  But he should have known. That’s their MO.   Hence he should have acted early on to ensure that these things didn’t happen.  Once they did in fact happen, he should have sent in the Marines to get all Americans and all their possessions released immediately.  The fact that he did not do so demonstrates with a crystal clear clarity that he is beholden to Israel in some perverse manner.

Why does he value Israeli pirates over Americans?  I can only speculate, and my speculation may or may not be true and will cloud the present issue, so I will save such speculation for another day.

What is clear however is that Israel has something on our politicians which they are likely using to blackmail obama and many other Israel-first American politicians.   (Regrettably, some politicians aren’t being blackmailed.  They simply are loyal first to Israel before America.  This is the reason dual-citizens should not be allowed into our government.)

My advice to those any and all American politicians being blackmailed by Israel is this:  Come clean.  Admit to whatever it is they have on you or others.  Confess it.  Offer to resign if necessary, but come clean.  As soon as you do so, the blackmailers will lose their power and America can begin the long and arduous path back to being an honest broker that stands for Truth, Liberty and Justice once again.


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  1. Personally, I was hoping that the Israelis would sink that pirate ship with every last terrorist still aboard. At least one ship was flying under the Irish flag which is not surprising given both Ireland’s and Palestine’s support for Hitler in WWII.

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