The Apocalypse

As one who has been a Unificationist, ie, a moonie, for 34 years, I have long understood and believed that we are living in the “last days”. Per the teaching and guidance of Reverend Moon, I understood that the last days referred to the time when the forces of evil were slowly but surely overrun by the forces of good. While this is an oversimplification of the concept, it suffices to explain the Age we live in.

We were taught that the last days would be a confusing time fraught with difficulty, as the world empires inescapably entered their death throes, and the new world, the Kingdom of God on Earth, slowly emerged from the ashes and the dust. 30 years ago this seemed simple enough to understand. Yet it seemed almost impossible to imagine the world powers, centered upon the US, Israel and the great money centers, ever curling up to die. The powers that be were simply too strong and too firmly entrenched, or so it seemed.

Yet, we were told in no uncertain terms that the day was coming when all falsehoods will be exposed, every lie and every deceitful act will bring destruction upon itself. Increasingly and without respite, history will witness that every self-centered act contains the seeds of it’s own violent and shameful end. Simultaneously, every act that is rooted in service to a greater purpose will find a solid place to put in roots. Furthermore, as Reverend Moon explained to us long ago, all these things and more would happen in our lifetimes.

As late as 3 years ago, it seemed so very difficult to see how these prophecies would be fulfilled. Yet Rev Moon was quite emphatic that it was inevitable, and that the world that we have known will end much faster than we imagine possible. And yet, just 3 short years later, in mid 2010, I am beginning to see the Apocalypse in action. From the exposure of all manner of criminal behavior on the part of political and religious leaders, to the self-defeating wars of aggression against the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan which is leaving America broke AND BROKEN, to the rising worldwide awareness of Israeli malfeasance in all manner of mischief and mayhem, to the destruction of the gulf waters by the corporate lords of greed and irresponsibility, to the many emerging free energy technologies that are on the verge of penetrating the web of lies and darkness that have kept them out of reach for 100 years. The list goes on and on…

There is not a lot of time left. Each of us can still be part of the solution, and save ourselves from terrible regret and judgment, by simply making a conscious decision to stop participating in lies and deception. That includes the act of deceiving ourselves. We must admit that we have misbehaved and hurt people that we cared about, as well as those we never knew. We must accept that we are forgivable and that we will be forgiven. However, we must acknowledge that our present predicaments are the result of our own malfeasance. We must recognize that fact. We must, in a word, repent.

We must first change ourselves. For example, we can’t demand that the war criminals be hanged at sunrise without first admitting that we elected war criminals to represent us, and then watched American idol while our representatives murdered people by the millions. Ultimately, there is no choice in the matter. There is no escape from the Apocalypse. The world is going to implode regardless of whether you believe in the last days or not.

This is a time like unto a scene at the end of “Jacob’s Ladder”. Danny Aiello tells Tim Robbins that the “devils” he perceives as tearing him apart could also be viewed as angels desperately trying to free him from his chains. So too is this age we find ourselves in. And the excitement is just beginning…


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