The sea turns black

So the sea is turning black after all.  Just as a Hopi prophecy is said to have foretold.  I must confess I didn’t have the wisdom to understand how it might happen.  But in hindsight, it seems we should have been able to guess.
The oil industry has been a curse since the days when they strong-armed congress into the prohibition.  This was designed to prevent the new emerging market for internal combustion engines from standardizing on alcohol rather than oil.  As soon as the new industry was hooked on oil, prohibition was repealed.
Since then we have colonized and enslaved millions of people to saeguard big oil’s profits.  Wars were fought in its name.  We have no hope of ever counting the dead that were sacrificed in its name.  Even now it continues in Iraq, and perhaps in Iran someday soon.
Meanwhile there are hundreds of Zero Point Energy inventions old and new that would solve the global energy problems that are ignored, underfunded and violently suppressed.
As we witness the destruction of the Gulf of Mexico, maybe FINALLY Americans will understand the idiocy of allowing big oil to ruin the planet in their zeal for ever larger profits at the the people and the planet’s expense.
I hope so.  It is tragic it would require so much devastation to wake Americans up.  But is is better late than never.

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