Financial Terrorists

So the market fell 1,000 points just hours before the congress was to vote on bills to break up the banks?  Just minutes before Bernie Sanders was to meet with Obama about neutering the audit the fed bill?
I presume that the only ones who can not see through this outrageous display of financial terrorism are the willfully ignorant and those who are simply brain-dead.
As an American expatriate watching the slow motion train wreck that is now America, I feel a mixture of sadness which is mixed with a feeling of hope.  The cause of the sadness should be clear.  America is dying.
The hope stems from the realization that Providence is intentionally squeezing America.  Americans MUST learn to change.  They must learn to take responsibility for themselves and those around them.   Like an alcoholic that won’t change until she/he hits rock bottom, America apparently won’t change until she hits the dregs.  It seems Providence is willing to oblige.
Meanwhile the solution to America’s economic calamities are rather simple.  Destroy the FED, put money back into the control of the people (via congress), make money interest-free, or nearly so. Do that, and America will recover (financially) in short order.
The bankers know this very well.  They pushed the markets down 1000 points in 15 minutes.  They blew away $1 trillion dollars in a matter of minutes, to show congress they clearly understand the stakes, and are not afraid to play hard ball.

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