The Washingon Times

As my last post included some thoughts on the Washington Times (WT), I have since been questioned for more details. As some readers may know, I have been a Unificationist for a very long time.  I met Reverend Sun Myung Moon in New York in 1976, when I was 19 years old.  I was one of the many young people selling flowers on the streets in the 70s and 80s.  This is something I am quite proud of today.  (I imagine that those who marched with Martin Luther King through Selma and Montgomery, feel a similar pride.)  Having been a Unificationist prior to the WT being founded, I feel I played a (very small) part in the founding of the Washington Times paper.

I loved what the WT stood for in the 80s.  I still appreciate the role the paper plays in supporting issues such as traditional family values.  I think it is a positive force in this sense, to this day.  However, on many other issues, including economic issues, politics, and foreign policy, it has become confused.

In the last decade or so the WT was, in my opinion, hijacked by ultra-right wing neo-con types who believe that somehow we advance the cause of peace by murdering innocent people by the tens of thousands around the world.  It is a bizarrely perverse idea that has infected far too many otherwise very intelligent and well-meaning people.

As a plea addressed not only to the WT but every other newspaper in America, I say: “Please do the jobs you were once so adept at!”  If you can’t find any stories to break on your own, the go to and take your pick.  There are plenty of stories posted there that are crying out for national attention.  The WT could re-make itself into a tremendous force for Truth in no time, if it would simply run with a handful of the leaks posted therein.

Do it!  Should you do so, you will find your greatness once again.


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