Truth will win

Let’s start with the obvious:  911 was a conspiracy.  More than one person was involved, it wasn’t a “lone gunman”, so it WAS a conspiracy.  So the Truth of the matter is that regardless of whoever was ultimately responsible, a conspiracy theory will necessarily provide the answer.

Maybe it was a conspiracy pulled off by some very sharp and cunning men that were not necessarily on Uncle Sam’s payroll.  It hard to say for sure what happened, since we never got a real investigation that was designed to yield the truth.  The only thing that clear-thinking men and women know with absolute certainty is that the official story is a lie.  911 was not pulled off by a couple guys sitting in a cave in Afghanistan.  No one is that smart, that brilliant, to have pulled off the crime of the century from a cave in Afghanistan.  Not possible, end of story.

So who pulled it off then?  Was gw bush necessarily a part of it?  Was his demonstrated cowardice at the school that morning a result of seeing “his scheme” being enacted?  Or rather was he thinking: “Oh crap.  They have really done it…”  I don’t know the answer to the question,  though I suspect that the perps kept him in the dark most of the time.  This would be the logical strategy when dealing with a man who couldn’t be trusted to read a teleprompter without mistake.

Dick “shoot me in the face” cheney was almost certainly one of the perps, as were most of the neo-cons in the gw administration, and in the news in those days.  People whose annual bonuses depend on the sale of high tech weaponry were likely involved at some level as well.  Think Carlyle group, think Military Industrial Complex. Think Israeli-American dual-citizens in government.

The fact that these people managed to murder so many people in broad daylight, even pulling three buildings in NYC with what were clearly controlled demolitions, AND GOT AWAY WITH IT, is simply remarkable.

I was stunned that the American people did not rebel at the sight of government agents burning men women and children alive on TV in Waco.    But even after that demonstration of their ability to murder Americans in broad daylight, without fear of reprisal, I remain utterly astonished, amazed, that the crime of 911 stands unprosecuted to this day.

There are so very many people who understand that the 911 story is a lie.  Yet despite the massive numbers of people who know this, Truth has been unable to gain much traction, to date.  Many people likely despair that it is already too late to stop the neo-con sociopaths from ushering in the next phase of whatever evil and twisted plans they have concocted.

How is this possible?  How could these madmen continue in power in the face of the massive numbers of people who KNOW they are liars and murderers?  Sadly, it seems to me that it is a direct result of the merger of the government with the media.  If newspapers and TV journalists were doing their jobs, we would have been liberated from this oppression long ago.  But as we know, there are very few voices in mainstream media reporting the Truth.

As a very long time member of the Unification Movement, aka a “Moonie”, I clearly remember that a long time ago, we Unificationists were so excited to start the Washington Times newspaper (WT).  It was to be a vehicle for reporting the Truth.  It was to be revolutionary in that regard.   As many readers no doubt know, even the WT  has fallen short of it’s founding purpose.   The reasons for this failure, I believe, is different from the reasons that caused the rest of the media to fail.   I may discuss my thoughts on this failure another time, but for now it’s enough to admit that the WT is not (currently) part of the solution, though it once was, and hopefully will be again.

I read today with sadness that Paul Craig Roberts is no longer able to get published in many places that once were eager to have him.  This change is the result of his preference for telling the Truth rather than not.

To Mr Roberts and any others who are frustrated by the media’s short-sighted and tragic insistence on reporting spin over substance, I say this:  In an earlier age, God gave mankind the printing press to overcome the powers-that-be.  It worked.  In the end, Truth won out.   The internet is the gift God gave us today to overcome the powers-that-be.   If the NY Times, Washington Times, or Washington Post won’t print the Truth, lets keep blogging.  Truth will win in the end, I believe.


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