“One Nation Under God” is Obsolete

“One Nation Under God” is Obsolete.  History is beckoning us to get deeper and broader in our thinking.  But how do we move forward in our common quest toward a brighter future for humanity?  How might a New World of freedom and brotherhood be built whilst populated with 6 billion people of various faiths, various complexions, and various possessions?

How might 6 billion people be persuaded to turn off the TV, or whatever their respective chief distractions might be, long enough to take note of the signs of the times?

How might the “haves” be motivated to willingly give to the “have-nots”?

How might blacks and whites, Jews and Arabs, Indians and Pakistanis, etc, learn to value, respect and even cherish each other?  Think of it this way:  How can the Hatfields learn to love the McCoys?

It becomes clear that none of these things can happen easily, and certainly not without a tremendous amount of struggle.  Why?  Because it would require you and me, and 6 billion people just like you and me, to CHANGE.

Change will be a recurrent theme on this blog, because change is desperately needed on virtually every level.  Here’s an axiom for you:  Without change, nothing will change…

Do you want racial hatred to end?  Want to see the Jews and the Arabs learn to respect and love each other?  Want to see the day the rich willingly give to the poor?  Who doesn’t?  Nevertheless it hasn’t happened yet – why not?

Are you ready to learn the cold hard Truth?  It starts with you and it starts with me.  Want to see peace blossom in the Middle East?  Start by finding YOUR ENEMY, someone that has viciously hurt you, someone quite irredeemable…  And then do whatever you need to do in order to learn to love that person, as if he or she is your own wayward son or daughter.  It will be very hard to do this.  It will seem impossible to do so.  But as you are able to overcome your resentment against that person, you will have done more for the coming of the Kingdom of God than the President of the United States has done, or the President before this one.

Indeed, as you accomplish that feat of love, to paraphrase what a wise man said a long time ago: “Salvation will have come to your house” on that day.


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