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Lawyers for Ron Paul

Those of us who have been in the liberty movement for longer than a few months remember clearly the outright fraud and criminal activity that occurred during the 2008 · Ron Paul campaign for President. There were countless examples of vote tampering and outright vote stealing four years ago. Of course we remember very well what happened in Nevada in 2008 and ultimately at the convention itself, when Ron Paul’s delegates were turned away from the convention altogether.

Having seen these criminal activities occur so blatantly four years ago, many of us were watching with eager anticipation to see whether or not the Ron Paul campaign in 2012 would act decisively when such activities occurred again. It all begin in Iowa 2012 , where we watched and waited with baited breath to see to what extent the Republican national committee would commit criminal actions, and to what extent the Ron Paul campaign would act to nip it in the bud.

Regretfully, beginning early on in Iowa, the Ron Paul campaign did virtually nothing to put the fear of prison into those who committed criminal acts of fraud. This was extremely disheartening. All of us who were part of the campaign of 2008 knew full well that if fraud wasn’t stopped in Iowa it would continue throughout the nation in state after state. After all, this is precisely what we saw happen four years ago.

Ultimately Rick Santorum’s people did a pretty good job of revealing the fraud that took place in Iowa. As a result of their diligent efforts it was proven that Romney’s forces had lied and cheated to make it appear that Romney won Iowa in the popular vote. As a result of Rick Santorum’s efforts, the popular election was finally given to Rick Santorum as it should have.

The question Ron Paul’s supporters have long been wondering is:  ”Where was Ron Paul’s campaign team on this issue”  given that Ron Paul’s campaign suffered more egregiously than Rick Santorum’s had?  Especially since we knew in advance this would happen. It was just a rerun of 2008.

It is now a matter of public record that the level of criminal activity that has marred this entire campaign season has grown to such ridiculous levels that it can no longer be ignored by even the willfully ignorant. Yet despite the growing obviousness of this elephant in the room, we have yet to see any significant pro-active or reactive response from the Ron Paul campaign. Their de facto acquiescence to fraud and criminal behavior has been a source of confusion, consternation and bewilderment on the part of hundreds of thousands of supporters and delegates nationwide.

This culminated in a shocking about-face on the part of Ron Paul’s son Rand, just a few short days ago. With two months remaining until the convention, just as the mainstream media was finally being forced to report that Ron Paul was steamrolling through caucus after caucus, picking up delegates all over the country, Rand Paul sold out. He betrayed not only his father but more importantly he betrayed all of the revolution’s supporters across the nation.

We can only speculate as to what would cause such an egregious betrayal on Rand’s part. Some have speculated that a deal was made in which Rand will be offered a prominent position in a Romney presidency. Others have speculated that Rand made some other shadowy deal which will certainly come back to haunt him in the future.

As for me, my best guess is that the “Powers That Were ” made Ron and/or Rand a Corleone-style “Offer he could not refuse”. I can imagine that they sat Rand and/or his father down and showed him a slow motion video tape of John F. Kennedy’s head blowing up in Dallas, followed by slow motion footage of Robert Kennedy later being murdered in California. My guess is they said nothing while they showed the videos. At the end they simply said: “Any questions?”   I will likely never know if my theory is correct or not. In the end it matters little why he would choose to essentially quit just at the moment his father’s lifelong victory was at hand.  What matters is that he failed his test.

The very good news is that there are very talented and dedicated legal minds within the Revolution who are not so timid as Rand Paul, not so afraid, who are unwilling to allow either Ron Paul or his son to sabotage the huge investment of time, money, and resources that hundreds of thousands of volunteers have put into the Revolution over the last year.

There are lawyers around the nation who have gone public with their intention to (using their words) “Take over the Ron Paul campaign”, and begin the legal indictments to prosecute the many documented cases of criminal activity that have occurred around the country these last several months. From outright voter fraud to coercion, bribery and ballot-stuffing, there is an abundance of evidence which will certainly cause numerous members of the Republican national committee to lay awake at night.  They should be contemplating whether they will be in orange jumpsuits by summer’s end.

Some of these lawyers are certified to argue all the way up to the Supreme Court of the United States, and have stated they will bring this all the way to that venue if they must. Their stated intention is to have this done before the convention in August.

Further, they have stated emphatically that there is ample precedent that all of the so-called bound delegates for Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich, are not in fact bound at all. Indeed, there seems to be ample precedent within the RNC’s own documentation that all of the delegates en route to the Republican national convention in Tampa are completely free to vote for whoever they want.

The success of these legal endeavors cannot be foretold at this time. Regardless, this declaration represents a huge victory for freedom, for justice, and for the future of these united States of America. We can only hope and pray that enough criminal activity will be prosecuted that the blatant criminal activity which has so marred this election season will cease immediately.

We should hope and pray that the federal judges who will hear these cases will have the decency, the honor and the self-respect to do the right thing when the time comes.  There is little doubt there will be considerable pressure put upon them to be expedient and to allow well-connected criminals to remain free.

Finally we should all hope and pray that the hundreds of delegates going to Tampa Florida will vote as they see fit, for the candidate they desire to vote for, regardless of any pressure put on them to vote for someone they do not support. If this happens, we could end up seeing Mitt Romney receiving less than 50 votes on the first round.

This is all fabulous news for those who love truth, beauty and justice. Perhaps the most encouraging aspect of this startling new development is the fact that “Lawyers for Ron Paul” have taken this initiative without seeking either Ron Paul’s approval, nor really caring if he supports it at all.

You see, this campaign was never really about Ron Paul.  It was about freedom, it was about liberty.  Ron Paul was the standard-bearer and we’re all very proud to know him and to have worked with him. However it is not up to Ron Paul to decide whether or not freedom shall ring and rampant criminal activities go unpunished.

For whatever reason, Ron Paul has not had the stomach to engage in the hardball tactics that the Mitt Romney campaign has had no qualms engaging in. As a result of his unwillingness to confront criminal fraud, criminality has run rampant throughout the country all year and has seriously undermined the efforts of hundreds of thousands of honest, hard-working volunteers.

“Lawyers for Ron Paul”, if they are serious as to what they’ve said they are going to do in the next two months, will give America a second chance to get the 2012 Republican nomination done correctly. May God bless their efforts to put the guilty behind bars, and to create an environment where the will of the people can finally be expressed.

Can I get an amen from the crowd?

Network Marketing is the Future

As many of my readers know, I got an MBA from University of Southern California. During my time in grad school I was surprised to learn how many of America’s self-made millionaires earned their wealth from network marketing.  As a result of this revelation, right after graduation I began looking for a network marketing company to invest my time in.

One of my graduate school peers invited me to a startup MLM. It was brand-new, and was a great idea. Unfortunately, several months after it began, it fell apart.

Several years later, having learned from my experience with startups I decided to investigate the best-known company in the MLM industry.  I discovered that the company’s high growth curve had occurred 20 years earlier.  It is too late to invest in that one, I believe.

Fortunately, I believe I have found an excellent MLM candidate. It’s called Skinny Body Care (SBC). They essentially market a single product, called skinny fiber. They have an exceptional compensation plan.  Its major growth curve is dead ahead. The company has been in business now for ~ 1.5 years.

You can earn $1600 per month without ever sponsoring anyone.  I don’t think any MLM has ever done this before.  They are going to force the industry to re-write their compensation plans.

Be sure to visit:  Skinny Body Care  for more information!

Swimming in Fuel

Let’s talk about virtually free energy. Let’s talk about hydrogen. Hydrogen, as you may know, is the most abundant element in the universe – by a very large margin. Contrast hydrogen with uranium, which is one of the most scarce elements in the universe. Uranium is used to fuel all of the world’s nuclear reactors today. It is scarce, expensive, and fraught with tremendous numbers of difficulties when used as directed. Even when used per “the manufacturer’s instructions”, we are confronted with tremendous exposure to radiation hazards, accidents, and ultimately, nuclear waste. Einstein was once quoted as saying “nuclear energy is one hell of a way to boil water”. And so it is.


On the other hand, hydrogen burns clean, and leaves no waste products. Burning hydrogen creates pure water. Hydrogen is everywhere. As mentioned above, it is the most abundant element in the universe. And yet, despite the fact that it is arguably the world’s most efficient and abundant source of heat, it is not used as such in the world today. Let’s think about that for a moment…


Why isn’t hydrogen the primary source of fuel in the world today? Well, for one thing, it is difficult to store. In order for it to be packaged as a fuel we need to compress it, and then store it in some kind of tank. Carbon fiber or other steel reinforced tanks might be a solution. But in order to compress enough hydrogen into a tank which would easily fit into our trunk is problematic at best. Also, hydrogen stored in a tank presents another set of risks. One of the reasons hydrogen is such a remarkably efficient fuel is that it burns very easily. In fact, it burns so quickly that it becomes important that it be stored apart from oxygen. Because if it is stored/compressed together with oxygen it is becomes tremendously explosive. Yet, paradoxically it needs oxygen in order to burn.


By way of example, a few years ago I was experimenting with a friend in Colorado. We were doing hydrolysis research in my garage. At one point we had a noticeable bubble of hydrogen and oxygen floating on top of a soapy mixture of water, sitting in my driveway. It was not a huge bubble – it was roughly the size of a golf ball. My friend looked at that bubble and thought I wonder how big a bang this will make?  

He pulled out his lighter and began to bend toward the bubble. I had a suspicion that the explosion was going to be bigger than he was expecting, and I began backing up. Well, I can tell you that the shockwave of the explosion was not enough to hurt them.  However, the tremendous sound of the bang that erupted when he put the lighter to that bubble knocked him off his feet. I am sure that my neighbors 500 yards away, at the very end of the block, jumped up and asked what the hell was that? We are talking cherry bomb or M80 blast. A single golf ball sized bubble of hydrogen and oxygen produced that kind of a blast.


I know that not all of my readers believe in God. Others perhaps believe that God exists but are not convinced that this being is necessarily compassionate, benevolent, or otherwise possessing what we might consider to be a parental heart. However, for the sake of this discussion I would ask people to put aside their skepticism for a moment and just imagine that such a being exists, and created hydrogen as the perfect fuel for humanity.  Such a divine being would consider not only making hydrogen the most abundant element in the universe, but also devise a means of safely compressing hydrogen until it could be compressed no further. He might also have conceived of a way to combine this compressed hydrogen with oxygen in a perfect ratio, so that it would always burn perfectly, cleanly, without any need for any other elements.


As we discussed earlier, the problem with this scenario is that if oxygen and hydrogen are combined to a perfect burning combination, it becomes VERY explosive. What if, through some divine miracle, this perfect ratio of compressed hydrogen and oxygen, the ultimate and perfect fuel, were somehow to be made non-explosive? How cool would that be? Well, it turns out that this is exactly what happened.


The ultimate fuel, hydrogen and oxygen mixed together in a perfectly stochiometric mix, condensed as far as it can be, so much so that abundant amounts of fuel can be carried easily in very small containers, is…. WATER.


Think about that for a moment. Water is the perfect mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. It is compressed hydrogen mixed with compressed oxygen. We are literally swimming in this stuff. The oceans are full of it. And, amazingly, this perfect fuel which should be so explosive that we dare not get too near it, is not explosive. In fact, we use it to put out fires. Further, we drink it several times a day. We excrete it when we urinate. There is no reason, no rational reason, that we cannot use our own urine to heat our homes, to power our cars, and to otherwise energize our lives. Transcontinental boat rides should/can be easily powered by the water beneath the ships.

Now, I know that some will say that this is coincidental, and certainly not evidence that a divine being planned these things as I suggested above. However, there is no question that if such a divine being exists, and if that divine being wanted to create the ultimate fuel, package it safely, and make it widely available to humanity, he could not have done a better job than to package it in a substance such as water.


Water is the ultimate fuel. In the rather near future humanity will certainly learn how to freely and easily crack water into a form we can burn at will. How cool is that? The future is bright.

2012 – Part 3 – Paradigm shift

We’ve discussed (in parts one and two) the implications of the Mayan prophecy of 2012.  If you haven’t already read these two reports, I suggest you do so now before proceeding.

For those of you that don’t have the time to do so, allow me to paraphrase.  It is quite clear that 2012 will be a very momentous year.  The old world order, centered on the Bretton woods treaty (a 50 year treaty signed in 1944) technically “expired” in 1994.  From 1994 until the present, the world has been adrift, lacking an agreed upon structure.  It appears that 2012 will be a time of tremendous change.  Structure is coming to the world,  one way or the other.

Humanity is at a tipping point.  We cannot move forward without a worldwide consensus on the proper relationship between the world’s governments. We also need a consensus on the proper relationship between governments and the people.  It is important to understand that the world’s governments DID have a consensus prior to the expiration of Bretton woods.  We will discuss Bretton Woods in more detail in a later post.  In the meantime, it is enough to know that a new world order is not only coming, but is long overdue.  Perhaps it was the looming expiration of Bretton woods which persuaded George Bush to announce the coming of a “new world order” on September 11, 1991.  10 years to the day, before the infamous September 11, 2001.

Some 30 years ago Buckminster Fuller wrote a book called “Synergetics”, a truly marvelous work.  In it, he likened humanity to a baby chicken preparing to emerge from it’s shell.  You see, nature knows precisely how much food to contain within the shell to nourish the chicken, right up until the time it is mature enough emerge from it’s shell.  At the precise moment, the chicken’s food runs out.  The chick, while trying in vain to find food, inadvertently cracks it’s shell.  And with that marvelous accident, the chick begins it’s new life.

In similar fashion, humanity is likewise reaching a point where the resources which have accommodated us for so very long, are running out.  By resources I refer of course to natural resources, but it’s more than just that.  Almost all of mankind’s existing worldwide structures, be they governmental, social, or educational, are simultaneously running into dead ends.

Like the rapidly maturing chick, humanity has reached a point where in trying to find sustenance it has no choice but to crack its shell.  It is still an open question as to what we will find on the other side.  Whether humanity finds heaven or hell is largely dependent upon whether or not we are able to make an internal, spiritual, transition at the appropriate time.

The older generation, my generation, does not yet understand these things fully. We are a bit like the Israelites wandering through the desert for 40 years. The Israelites could not enter Canaan until the first generation had died out. Why? Perhaps because the older generation simply could not imagine a life where they were not slaves in Egypt.   Certainly the occupy movements worldwide are a testament to the fact that the young people seem to be able to see the futility of the current situation more clearly than their parents’ generation is able to.  Note also that it is the young generation that is currently embracing Ron paul’s message of Freedom & Liberty. The reasons are the same.

So what will the future new world order look like? Will the future look somewhat like the present?  Will the “new world order” look like the old, with but a few cosmetic “marketing” changes?   Like the difference between a 1960 and a 1961 corvette?  I suggest to you that the new world order will not look at all like the old.  We can’t begin to imagine what life will look like in the next 20 or 30 years.  Our most fantastic visions only scratch the surface of the future that beckons to us.

Are you aware of that cold fusion is soon to be a reality?  Cold fusion appliances may actually be available at your local Home Depot in late 2012.  There are radical re-designs of our engines – gas, diesel, and electric, already in production.   These new engines are remarkably efficient when compared to the engines we’ve been using for the last hundred years.  What this means is that we are approaching a time when energy will no longer be a scarce resource.  Maybe 21st century energy won’t be technically “free”, but it will be dirt cheap.

When we no longer need to worry about paying for massive amounts of energy, productivity will skyrocket to levels that you and I cannot even conceive of at this moment.  Consider, what’s the primary reason that you and I don’t have our own personal submarines, our own personal helicopters, our own personal Lear jets?  One of the prime reason of course, is that the cost to manufacture and then power such things are simply out of our reach.  However, cold fusion appliances will soon be as common as microwave ovens.    The power needed to build and operate our own helicopters or any other fantastic gadgets, will be a trivial thing.

How about 3D printers?   Have you considered the implications of this rapidly emerging technology?  At present 3D printers are relatively expensive and far from ubiquitous.  But that will change.  Probably within five years every household will have a 3D printer.  For those of you who are not familiar with 3D printers, I strongly urge you to view this video.  As you watch it, please understand that as remarkable as this technology is, it is still in its infancy.   Imagine what the technology will be like in five years.

The day is coming when virtually everything that you need or want for your home, for your office, for your car, will be printed in the privacy of your own home or garage.

As exciting as this prospect is, this has devastating implications to the world economy as it exists today.  Per the paradigm of the old world order, things must be assembled in manufacturing plants.  We’re talking about a lot of jobs, both here at home and abroad disappearing . We’re talking about the tax base going away. Indeed, most taxes will be uncollectible.  The existing manufacturing paradigm will soon be obsolete.

What kind of society will mankind create when anyone can print their own AK47 on demand?   How about when it is a trivial thing  to print all the parts needed to assemble your own racing car in the privacy of your own garage?  Check out this full sized “printed” motorcycle, and see the future that is dawning.   3D printing, like cold fusion, is going to change everything.  Soon.

So, is technology as destabilizing as 3D printing, ultimately a bad thing?  I suggest you that it is not a bad thing.  Far from it.  It is a very good thing.  The crisis that these things represent is simply another indication that humanity is like the maturing chicken in the egg.  The sustenance/structures which have been maintaining us will soon be gone.  It’s time.  The old world order is at a dead end.  A new world order must emerge.  We must crack the egg, and discover a new life on the other side.

As I indicated to you in parts one and two of this series on 2012, I am very optimistic about the future.  Not only is humanity on the verge of adopting a new paradigm, but it appears that even the animal kingdom is on the verge of a major shift.  We’re in a time of “missing links”.  However, there is still a question as to whether or not our transition will be successful.

In my opinion, the biggest question mark on humanity’s future centers upon whether or not the military industrial complex, will successfully con humanity into launching a war against Iran.  If they are successful in this regard, all bets are off.  For an attack upon Iran will likely represent the beginning of world war 3.  We will talk more about Iran in a future post.

In the meantime, let’s not talk of apocalyptic destruction such as was envisioned in the popular movie 2012.  There may indeed be violence in our future.  But the larger violence will not be the result of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  The violence will be a reflection of whether or not we’re able to change ourselves in a timely manner.  Can we become a race that “deserves” to enter heaven?  Can we successfully  craft a world where anyone can “print” weapons of mass destruction in the privacy of their own homes, while  at the same time be highly confident that such weapons will never be used?

This is ultimately a spiritual question.  It is a religious question.  So we will need to discuss religion in a future post as well.  Until then, stay hopeful!

2012; The End of What, exactly? Part 2

In response to my last post, “2012; The End of What, exactly?”,  I was asked:  “How can you hold any reasonable optimism that the future will be anything but an expression of the past?  Even if Free Energy bring a cornucopia of possibilities and development beginning sometime around 2013, would not “human nature” guarantee that human exploitation would continue in more refined ways?”    It is a fair question which I will address here…

Before I continue, I must reiterate that 2012 is looking to be a very challenging year.  Consider the possibility of just a few events that seem increasingly likely:

  1. WW3 breaking out centered on the Persian Gulf,
  2. The almost certain collapse of the euro and the dollar,
  3. The fallout (pun intended) of the Fukushima disaster, in which a slow-motion “China Syndrome” is occurring even as these words are being typed.  As we have never before seen an actual China Syndrome, we don’t yet know exactly how this will end.  But we will likely see the end sometime in 2012.  We will need to rename it: “The Japan Syndrome”.

Item #1 is not inevitable, but seems to be something that powerful men desperately want.  Clearly, a World War will likely end as a nuclear war.  That couldn’t end well.  It could only end quite badly.   Items 2 & 3 are pretty much unavoidable at this point.    There are many other difficult situations developing, but this short list suffices to make the point.   2012 could indeed be “the end” of humanity, as we have known it.

However, I have argued that this is a time of great optimism – a time of awakening and rebirth.  So, which is it? A time of hope or a time of fear?

We are witnessing transformations on a daily basis that give rise for great hope.  All over the world people are awakening to the realization that their leaders have been lying to them.  All over the world people are mobilizing to demand Truth and Freedom.  Everywhere, people are beginning to recognize they have spent their lives ignorant and enslaved.  Certainly this awakening, painful though it may be, is a necessary precursor to being able to adapt to a new paradigm.

In real terms, the numbers of the “awake” are small compared to the number of people who remain “comfortably numb”.  In America the litmus test is probably best illustrated by 911 Truth.  For a great many Americans there is a tremendous set of spiritual blinders, a cognitive dissonance that permeates the soul.  It prevents them from questioning the official narrative of 9/11.  To question the 9/11 narrative is to cast doubt on every myth we were taught from childhood.  From the pledge of allegiance, Christopher Columbus, Armstrong’s walk on the moon, and pearl harbor, to the emancipation proclamation.

It is not surprising then, that very many cannot bring themselves to question the narrative.  But there is a dramatic awakening happening just the same.  Many people have awoken.   There is a subtle but pervasive effect that a small group of people can (and do) have on the psyche of the greater masses.  It is often called the 100th monkey syndrome.  As the number of people who know and appreciate the nature of Truth and Beauty grows, an ever-growing pressure on the sleeping masses’ perceptions increases.  And that subtle pressure is building with each passing day.

So things are spinning out of the control of those who would prefer that people remain comfortably numb.  Everywhere they look, the illuminati see people are pulling back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz, and seeing a rather old man pulling levers.  People are turning off the news channels that the illuminati bought and paid for decades ago.  They are learning via the internet.  911 Truth is spreading.  The phenomenon is occurring everywhere.

While the illuminati are desperate to destroy the central bank in Iran, and are willing to kill as many American soldiers and Iranian civilians as necessary to achieve that goal, they know they are running out of time.  Their repeated attempts to prevent Americans from hearing the message of Freedom & Liberty from Dr Ron Paul is not working.  People are hearing the message.  Americans are actually becoming aware that the Federal Reserve is an evil institution that steals from them every day.  I very much doubt that the illuminati anticipated this awakening.  The Occupy Wall Street movement is a sign of the times.

International marriages are occurring on every continent.   People in many countries are realizing that they have no true “enemies”, other than corporate fictions that have no soul. They cannot continue to see Iraqis, Afghanis, Americans or Iranians as subhuman.  Soldiers are brainwashed in boot camp to see muslims as less than human, so that they can kill them without remorse.  But the brainwashing is wearing off.   The 1960s generation saw a popular movie entitled: “Suppose they gave a war and nobody came?”.  That idea, ludicrous at one time, is no longer far-fetched.  Witness this…   Amazingly, it seems that we are now learning how to communicate with our own newborn babies, using a universal baby language…

The 1960s also featured a popular song that heralded the “dawning of the age of Aquarius”.  Most did not know at that time what that meant, nor when it actually was to begin.  Today we know that the astrological start date is in December of this year.  As to what it means, that is still unclear.  But clearly, we are at a unique moment in history – we will soon face a moment of Truth.  One path will lead to a nuclear war and a level of destruction few can even imagine.  The other leads to the building of a new society as the dollar and euro fail (replaced by something new), government institutions worldwide are uniformly seen as corrupt and unworkable (replaced by something new).  Hundreds of suppressed technologies offering unlimited free energy, foodstuffs, cancer (and other diseases) cures, and many more exciting technologies will become commonly available, if we choose the better path.

Interestingly, it is not only humanity that seems to be on the verge of a great leap in our evolution.  Even the animal kingdoms seem to be experiencing some kind of evolutionary change on a grand scale.  We see that gorillas now can communicate with human beings.  We see orangutans are now learning to swim and to use tools to catch fish.  We see birds engaging in activity that can only be called “play”.  We see common crows using tools in a complex manner to solve problems on a first try.  This indicates they are now able to solve complex problems entirely within their cerebral cortex.  And let’s not forget the recent discovery of a totally new “lost world” of species never seen before, under the Antarctic.

Such things as these were unheard of just 40 years ago.  So the animal kingdom is undergoing a significant leap in its evolutionary path at this moment in time.  That seems indisputable.  We can easily appreciate the magnitude of such changes in the animal kingdom, because we are not caught up in the change.   It is more difficult to appreciate that we are undergoing evolutionary change of similar magnitude, because we are so very close to it.  It’s the age-old vexing problem of missing the forest because the trees are in the way.

The question that we must ask is: “Is it a coincidence that the animal kingdom is evolving at the same moment in time as we seem to be?   Is the New Age which beckons to us to quickly evolve into a more enlightened age, simultaneously bringing the animal kingdom to a new level as well?”  It is of course, hard to say with certainty, but it seems that we are in the midst of a planet-wide evolutionary moment.  A time of “missing links”.

The ancients that spoke of 2012 as “the end of the great year” were clearly aware of something we are overlooking to this day.  The question of how they knew, and what exactly might be driving this process, is an entirely different question.  We’ll leave that discussion to a future time.

2012 – The End of what, exactly?

By now most of you have become aware that the ancient Mayan calendar comes to an abrupt end on December 21, 2012.   The Mayan calendar was highlighted in the recent Hollywood hit entitled “2012”.

That an ancient Mesoamerican calendar ends abruptly in 2012 would not ordinarily catch anyone’s interest.  But in this case, it is a calendar which has been breathtakingly accurate for thousands of years.  It has accurately measured the movement of planets and moons for thousands of years.  It accounts for leap years and accurately predicts lunar and solar eclipses to this very day.

Yet, this ingenious calendar, which could not have been created without a simply unbelievable understanding of the movement of the planets and stars, ends in December of this year.  It just stops.  Like a dead end street.

The implications were exploited by the movie 2012.  The movie depicted massive earth changes which killed most of humanity.  It was a successful film in that it likely made it’s producer a great deal of money.  But, did the movie touch upon the Truth of the time we live in, or not?

As fascinating as the implications of the Mayan calendar are, it simply cannot compare, in my opinion, to the design of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  The Pyramids cannot be adequately discussed here.  I strongly urge everyone to do a web search on “mysteries of the pyramids”.  Set aside several hours to soak in the information that is readily available.  It is simply paradigm-shattering, and should be taught in every senior high school.  If nothing else, the awareness of the mysteries of the pyramids awakens in every discerning student the understanding that our present view of human history is missing something VERY important.

One of the many enigmas enshrined in the pyramid is that there seems to be a calendar encoded into the internal design of the shafts and chambers.  There is a solitary engraving in the pyramid.  At the entrance to the King’s Chamber there is a rainbow.   Utilizing a purported “calendar” that measures years by distance traveled within the internal shafts, measured in Egyptian inches, one finally arrives at the rainbow, and the King’s Chamber, in the year 2012.

A coincidence?  Perhaps.  But it is certainly one of those things that should make one say: “Hmmm…..”

But enough of ancient calendars and pyramids.  What do others say about the age we live in?  The world is full of evangelical types who believe that biblical prophesies of the last days are being fulfilled (ie, earthquakes, wars, rumors of war, etc).  They predict that Jesus will return and rescue a chosen few, and then the rest of humanity will be destroyed.  And it’s not only evangelical Christians that think in this way.  Many jews and Muslims hold similar beliefs.  To be fair, it does appear that many biblical prophesies are being realized.

However most of these apocalyptic scenarios envision massive earth changes wiping out humanity.  They fail to consider the possibility that prophesies of the end of time, the last days, the end of the era (Mayan), the return of Christ, etc, speak about a GLORIOUS NEW BEGINNING.  Not a terrible end.

Actually, a fuller understanding of Mayan prophesy is that we are living through the end of the “5th era” (by their count).  So, they understand there have been 4 eras that preceded the one we know, and presumably a 6th  era is to begin on or about Dec 21, 2012.  This is far cry from the horrific end of life as portrayed by the 2012 movie.  The Pyramids prophesy reaching the King’s chamber and the rainbow, in 2012.  Of course, the rainbow is typically a sign of renewed hope and new life.

So, how could such radical new era happen?  There are only 11 more months until that fateful date.  It seems frightfully difficult to imagine humanity experiencing a worldwide awakening of consciousness and spirit in just 11 more months.  (Even if Jesus were to return today, would his followers even recognize him?  I tend to doubt it.)

On the other hand, 2012 is shaping up to be a most challenging year.  Let’s just look at a few glaring examples:

The euro is just weeks, months at best, from failing.  With that the European Union will likely collapse.  It is VERY difficult to even imagine where this will lead.  But it almost assuredly will be challenging to the extreme.

The dollar will perversely probably benefit from the euro’s collapse.  But it too will likely fail before the end of 2012.  As above, this too will be challenging in the extreme, for the entire globe.

The US government has recently declared war on it’s own Citizens (NDAA).  While many/most Americans are not paying attention, they are now no longer protected by the Bill of Rights, or the Constitution they were taught to revere.  This can only get ugly.  More on this topic in a later post.

The US and her allies are already waging a covert war against Iran.  Munitions depots are exploding in Iran, and Iranian scientists are being killed and kidnapped when traveling abroad.  Cyber war was declared against Iran when Stuxnet was developed to cripple their industry.  Their ally, Syria, is being destabilized.  Now, the Iranian Central Bank is being targeted with sanctions.  Iran is responding to these provocations with war games, launching missiles, and admonishing that they can and will close the oil routes through the Persian Gulf.  This situation can EASILY turn into a major war at any time.

Russia and China have BOTH indicated they would get involved in a NATO war against Iran.  China explicitly suggests they will come to Iran’s aid.  Can you say World War 3?  It would almost certainly go nuclear, if that war breaks out.

Around the globe protests will likely continue to escalate, as they have in Egypt.  Expect the Occupy Wall Street movement to return to American cities with a vengeance in the Spring and Summer of 2012.

The 2012 Olympics will be held in London at almost the exact time that the embargo against Iran takes effect.  That would be a GREAT time/place for the neocons to launch a false flag attack.  A biological or nuclear attack on London would be blamed on Iran of course.

There’s much more that deserves mention, of course.  But this short list suffices to demonstrate that 2012 will almost certainly be a very challenging year.  But I am not suggesting it means the END OF THE WORLD.  Rather, 2012 can be viewed as a turning point.  It could see the emergence of a set of worldwide circumstances that forces the average man and woman on the street, ANY and EVERY street, to make a decision about what they are prepared to fight for, die for, and live for.

Actually Jesus spoke of the last days being a time like a time of a woman in labor.  There will be increasingly violent and painful contractions, but the end is the cry of new life, rather than the cry of death.  I tend to think, hope and believe that this is the significance of 2012.  The birth of a new era.  I believe that mankind will finally reach the end of it’s collective rope and make the wise choice at a critical moment.

Therefore 2012 represents a turning point.  It means we were born at a remarkable time, and that we may yet see the emergence of the new age, prophesied thousands of years ago.  This new age will be an age of plenty.  No scarcity of food, water, energy or hope.  No need will exist for the politics of redistribution, nor the logic of war.

Cold fusion and hosts of other emerging technologies will be readily available to each and every person around the planet beginning sometime in 2013.  (Did you know that Andrea Rossi is reported to be already in talks with Home Depot to sell E-Cat Cold Fusion devices for home use next year?)  There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of patents on free energy, remarkably efficient engines, that were shelved in the name of national security and corporate profits.  These technologies will be reborn in short order.

We will never again need to pay an electric bill, gas or oil bill.  We will never again pay to power our homes, cars, planes, helicopters, boats, submarines, or personal jet packs.  Productivity will soar to unimaginable heights, and the stress, worries and pain of the age we knew will cease to be.  Our grandchildren will ask us if we were alive when there was war and hunger.

But all this and much more will be seen beginning sometime in 2013.  Before then, we still need to get through the labor pains of 2012.  And we need to individually and collectively make the right decisions when the moment arrives.  I’m not scared.  I’m excited.  How about you?

Third time is often a charm

The 2012 election cycle is beginning.  We see republicans announcing, amidst speculation of running mates. We hear talk of job creation, tax cuts, and other such time-honored campaign platforms. In addition we have speculation of birth certificates and rumors of illegitimate births.  As the bible says, there is nothing new under the sun.  It’s always more of the same.

But I find the need to step up and SHOUT AS LOUD AS I CAN to all my well-intentioned friends and acquaintances….


Your votes do not matter because the powers-that-be (PTB) will only allow you to vote from amongst two candidates that they will pre-choose.  Those two candidates will disagree on the margins, AND ONLY ABOUT THINGS THAT DON’T MATTER. In the end, you will be offered a choice between tweedle dee and tweedle dumb.  They will both look good, sound good, and will accuse each other of spouting all manner of economic nonsense.  They will both promise to get the economy going again; to put Americans back to work.  They will both promise to end the wars as soon as we can do so in a ‘responsible manner’.  They will each promise the moon and the stars.

But neither of the two candidates, if elected, will accomplish either goal.  They will do just as gw and ob have done before them.  gw’s campaign platform was such that he explicitly promised NOT to engage in nation-building.  Within a month of taking office his cabinet was discussing how to start nation-building in Iraq and Afghanistan.  ob’s campaign explicitly promised to end the endless wars.  We could ‘take that to the bank’.  Within a month of taking office he escalated the war on helpless Pakistanis.  Then he escalated the war in Afghanistan.  Then he invaded Libya.  We still have a year to go.  I wonder who he will invade next?  Syria perhaps?

You are being lied to 24/7.  Repeat that slogan three times a day, every day, until you get it.

We recently have had computer programmers testifying under oath that our computers that count our votes are fixed.  You DO know that, don’t you?  Your votes don’t matter.  You will be offered 2 shiny candidates, who are each in some manner beholden to the PTB.  Then, after a show campaign, the computers will pick the “winner”, regardless of your vote for tweedle dee or tweedle dumb.  You will either get gw 3 or ob 2.  It doesn’t matter which one of the candidates the computer picks.  They will be the same underneath.  The campaign is a charade.  A monument to an earlier era.

Meanwhile, some of you hoped to minimize the ravages of hyper inflation by planting a backyard garden.  But now, plutonium is falling into your garden with each rainfall.  Your garden is being poisoned, slowly but inexorably, by one of the most deadly substances known to man.  The devil himself could not come up with a more sinister poison.  And you are now drinking it, eating it, and breathing it. And it’s just getting worse by the week… The PTB has responded by reporting that they have recently discovered that radiation is actually good for you…  This is too brain-dead silly to even comment on, but there you have it.  Educated men and women believe this stinking pile of dog crap.  In the face of a litany of stupefying, civilization-ending, monstrous problems, the talking heads on the idiot box are discussing:  which will best save America, a tweak in the marginal tax rate?  Or laying off no-good selfish teachers and firefighters?

Meanwhile, the IMF recently estimated that the transfer of power from America to the next world power (China) will be complete sometime in the next prez’ term.  The dollar is terminal – it’s dying.  So what, you say?  EVERYTHING YOU OWN IS DENOMINATED IN DOLLARS.  YOU WORK 40-50 HOURS/WK FOR DOLLARS.  And those dollars you work for, that you have saved in nest eggs and retirement accounts, your social security and your pensions, insurance policies and annuities, are soon to be virtually worthless.  What should that tell Americans about their future?  But pitifully few are preparing for the inevitable day that approaches.  The rest debate throwing union workers out of work, in order to save the state a couple million dollars, but nod their heads in agreement when they hear we will spend billions blowing up Libyans, and sending billions of dollars worth of munitions to dictators in places like Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Israel…

As you can see, I have just about lost all faith in America and in those who call it home.  Barring a miracle, America is finished.  She is dirt bag broke, too blind to see, and about to be terminally ill (literally).  America is a failed experiment. It’s past time to learn to speak Chinese or Korean, because the writing is plainly on the wall.

The tragedy is that America’s economic problems could be solved overnight.  All need be done is end the God-forsaken wars and fire the FEDERAL RESERVE.  Our economic problems would be drastically reduced in a heartbeat.  Of course, we would still be facing a world of hurt from breathing plutonium, but maybe there’s a miraculous technological solution waiting in the wings.  (As I believe in a Divine Creator who knows how to solve the plutonium problem, I know there is hope.)

The only thing that might renew my faith in America’s future would be if a true outsider gets elected in 2012.  Someone principled – not sold out to the PTB.  Not blackmail-able and not easy to bribe.  Ron Paul fits that description to a “T”, but in order for him to win, he would need to be polling in the 70-90% range prior to the election.  That way fraudulent computer tallies could not give the election to a stooge, without an immediate backlash from the people.  That’s certainly a LONG SHOT – but this is his third run, and Providence often secures miracles on a third try.  So maybe I ought to retain some hope for America just a bit longer …

Was Fukushima a victim of Stuxnet?

As many of my readers likely know, there was an exceptionally brilliant piece of utterly evil computer code released on the world beginning in 2009.  It was named Stuxnet.  I urge you to read Vanity Fair’s April 2011 article about Stuxnet for a good understanding of what the virus does, who wrote it, and why.

The following article will develop a hypothesis that will likely offend a few of my readers.  I apologize for that in advance.  However, the narrative that follows makes more sense than the official line we have been told.  It is worth the time to consider the possibilities, until we know exactly what happened in Fukushima on 3/11/2011.

We know that the Stuxnet virus was written, at least in part, by Israeli programmers.  There is reason to believe that American black ops were also behind the writing of the code.  The virus was presumably intended to primarily target Iranian nuclear facilities ( it appears that the virus was very effective in slowing down the work at Iran’s nuclear power plant.).  However the virus also infected computer systems across Asia, and most likely has infected numerous public utilities, both nuclear and conventional, around the planet.

Without getting too technical, the virus reprograms systems that control such things as the opening and shutting valves.  (It has other effects as well, not nearly so benign.)  It then actually hides itself.  It changes the reading on all the instruments, dials and  readouts  so that everything appears to be working as it should, when in fact everything is spinning out of control.

This is not just devious.  It’s sinister.  It’s brilliant, if you happen to be a certifiable lunatic, a bonafide nuclear terrorist.   Once infected, there is no easy way to tell if a nuclear reactor, or any other large public utility, is operating as it should.  Engineers can no longer believe what the instruments are telling them.  Even if their cameras are showing that it’s sunny outside, they still need to go outside and actually look at the sky, to be certain.  Because the images on the screen may not be real.  Normally, we fervently desire nuclear reactors to actually be controllable by trained operators.  Stuxnet effectively removes that option.

This virus didn’t cause much panic, when the world believed that the bad-guys-du-jour, the Iranians, were the only victims of this cyber warfare.  But then on March 11, 2011, the Japanese found themselves in a critical situation; unable to cool multiple reactors after an earthquake and tidal wave.  None of their cooling systems worked.   We were told that not one, not two, but three different redundant power supplies failed.  Further, they all failed at not just one reactor, but at every reactor at the site.  All at the same time.

This seemed remotely plausible, given the extraordinary circumstances of the tsunami.  But even still, many people questioned how so many redundant power supplies failed at the same time.   This was not some small internet site.  It was a group of nuclear reactors.  There is no place on earth with more safeguards and redundant systems in place than nuclear reactors.    Still, there was no smoking gun suggesting the official story might not be the truth, so many just accepted the cover story as fact.  I was one of them.

But then, an article appeared at Mike Rivero’s awesome site, that revealed that Stuxnet was found in Japan five months earlier.  The article did not specify that the virus was found in a nuclear power plant, but remember,  Stuxnet was specifically designed to attack nuclear power plants.   So, we should consider it was possible, even likely, to have infected one or more nuclear reactors.  Further, apparently the Fukushima site used the Siemens controllers that Stuxnet was designed to corrupt.  (These particular controllers are ubiquitous around the world.  They are very popular and widely used.)

Suddenly the unfolding drama in Japan made a lot more sense.  All of the Fukushima reactors suffered simultaneous massive problems with their cooling.    Remember, Stuxnet is designed to reprogram the systems that do such things as open and shut valves, and then to hide itself, and change the readouts on the screens the engineers are looking at.  If Stuxnet had infected Fukushima, the cooling systems failing would be exactly the kind of difficulties we would expect.  Further, it would be nigh impossible for the engineers to fix the problem in the time frame they had to work with.  None of their tools would work as expected.   Disaster awaits.

So let’s recap.  We know that Stuxnet was found in Japan, and we know simultaneously all of Fukushima’s reactors cooling systems failed – i.e., the valves that control the water flow weren’t working.  Maybe, as we were told, ALL the multiple redundant power supplies failed simultaneously.   This is possible, but highly unlikely – on the order of a 1 in a million probability.  OR maybe…  Stuxnet had infected the site, and reprogrammed their instruments so that the nuclear technicians  did not even know they had a problem until they saw the reactors burning.   According to their instrument panels, maybe the temperature controls all still read “normal”…

It is a compelling storyline, but of course, there is still no “proof” that this is what actually happened.  The authorities, unfortunately, cannot be trusted to tell us the Truth on matters such as these.  We know that.  So we must dig some more – question some more – speculate some more.  How might the virus have made it into the nuclear facilities?

It turns out that the Japanese nuclear facilities security was provided by an Israeli company.  We know that Israel wrote the virus, so they certainly COULD have either inadvertently or deliberately infected the site.  They had the means and the opportunity to do so.   Recall that this is a virus, and that it was made to spread without people even knowing they are spreading it.   We will return to the issue of motivation, in the event it was deliberately infected,  shortly.

Meanwhile, in Fukushima’s aftermath, Germany did something very unusual.   She turned off half of her reactors, demanding that they be thoroughly checked for any problems before being brought back online.

Turning off multiple reactors at once is a HUGE inconvenience to a country, to say the least.  Many millions of dollars are involved, not to mention that the country would suffer serious energy shortages as a result.  President Merkel also ordered that the remaining nuclear reactors be examined thoroughly before being re-certified.   She must have had a very compelling reason to act so “rashly”.  What is she so afraid of??? What does she know that we don’t?

Clearly she does not want a Fukushima situation to develop in Germany.   But is Germany in danger of being flooded by a tidal wave?  No – it is not under any manner of tsunami threat.  What then, do German reactors have in common with Fukushima?

One thing it apparently has in common with Fukushima is that the reactors run on Siemens equipment.  This is a given, since Siemens is a German firm.  So, we immediately know that German reactors are at risk from the get-go.  Secondly, it has been reported that the security for at least some of her reactors is provided by an Israeli security firm.  (I have read this, but have not yet been able to confirm it.  For now, let’s go with what’s been reported. If any readers can confirm or disprove this, please send you information along asap.)   So, IF indeed Fukushima was infected by Stuxnet, possibly intentionally infected via Israeli security contractors, then Germany would also be at great risk.  That would absolutely explain the draconian steps of shutting down half of the reactors in the country.   Would it not?

The conclusion we have is that there is a very strong possibility that Stuxnet caused Fukushima.  And, there is a compelling argument that Stuxnet fears are what drove Germany to turn off her reactors.   The question that remains is highly provocative.  Might the infections have been done intentionally, by Israeli agents?

We need a motive, and/or other evidence before making this accusation.   After all,  WHY would Israel deliberately infect Japanese and German reactors with a virus that could cause massive casualties and disrupt entire nations?

At this stage, unfortunately, my detective work gets slim.  I can postulate a few guesses and observations, but I honestly don’t know if I am hitting the mark or not.  Having said that, here are a few observations.  I’m sure there are other possibilities I haven’t even considered:

In February, Germany broke with tradition and voted against Israel at the UN.   She voted for a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning the Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory, and demanding the immediate halt of all settlement activity.   Merkel personally scolded Netanyahu for not moving the peace process forward.  We are told that Netanyahu is furious with Merkel for this recent action.

Is he angry enough to threaten her with a nuclear disaster on German soil?  Perhaps.  Interestingly, someone, or some government, apparently tried to assassinate Merkel yesterday (3/21/2011) when both her helicopter’s engines failed simultaneously.  Fortunately for her, at the last minute she changed her plans, and hadn’t boarded the helicopter.  The very next day Germany withdrew all support from the Libyan invasion.   The good Chancellor Merkel is clearly upset about SOMETHING.   My suspicion is that she knows exactly who sabotaged her helicopter, and fears that the same people have tampered with her country’s nuclear reactors.

But, what about Japan?  Why might Israel have wanted to infect Japanese reactors?   I note that it is possible that the infection, if deliberate, was for blackmail purposes.  Perhaps it was not expected that a major earthquake would precipitate a disaster, that Stuxnet would then grossly amplify.

The following is pure speculation, and may or may not suffice for Israeli motivation to do something so wicked.   Having said that, I note that Japan is actively assisting in the establishment of the Palestinian nation. Indeed, Japan’s role in this regard has been exemplary and puts much of the west to shame by comparison.    Of course, Israel hates everything Palestine, and fully intends to expel all Palestinians from both Gaza and the West Bank at the earliest opportunity.  What she wants is a blank check to do as she will with the Palestinians, and Japan has been utterly uncooperative in this regard.  Fukushima may have been infected to extort a change in this area.

Would Israel really do such a thing?  If (almost) any other country were thus implicated, I would guess probably not.  But in the case of Israel, in light of everything else we have seen them do, ie, the USS Liberty, 9/11, Operation Cast Lead, etc,  I would have to say …  probably.  Such hardball tactics seem to be a game Israel plays on a regular basis.

Israel has no friends or allies anywhere, except America, for  good reason.   It is a nation burdened with the sociopathic belief that God loves them more than any other race or religion, and that they are therefore more valuable than the rest of humanity, combined.  In my estimation, such a twisted worldview has led them to adopt a set of ethics that the rest of humanity simply can’t comprehend.  Think of it as “Heavenly Deception” being practiced on a national level.


I have received many emails expressing both agreement and disbelief, but (so far) none that either prove or disprove that Siemens controllers were installed at Fukushima.  My Stuxnet theory turns on the idea that Siemens controllers were installed therein.

However, I was made aware of a rather chilling coincidence, via this post.

The author of the post notes that the disaster occurred one year to the day after Japan made a public pronouncement critical of Israeli occupation of Palestine.  The author suggests God punished Japan for their hostility to Israeli policies.   This argument suggests that God is a sociopath.   I am fairly certain the Creator is not so demented as to behave as that post suggests.  But history suggests that Israel is governed by sociopaths who would in fact do such a thing.   So, the post suggests that Israeli agents deliberately precipitated the disaster to fall on that particular day.

Like most of my readers I don’t want to believe that Israel could be so criminally inclined as to deliberately precipitate a catastrophe of this magnitude.  So barring evidence to the contrary I believe they intended to extort a change in Japanese behavior, but then a tsunami occurred and the situation rapidly went critical (pun intended).

If anyone can find proof of any of the hypotheses expressed here, or can disprove them, please send them along.  I will update my article accordingly.

Running for US Congress, 2001

I mentioned to a friend recently that I ran for US Congress in the summer of 2001. Despite being a good friend, this person had not been aware of this. A cursory web search revealed that most references to my campaign have since been allowed to fall out of web cache.    In the interest of leaving a record of a tumultuous time (which lifted many illusions from my eyes) I dedicate this post to that experience.

It was the summer of 2001. A long time US Congressman named Joe Moakley, who had represented the 9th district for some 27 years was dying.  It seemed likely he would not live to see the next general election. This implied a strong possibility of a special election being held during the normal congressional term.   There was speculation of who would run for the coveted office when he passed away.  I happened to be living in the 9th district at the time.    I read a news report that Max Kennedy, the son of the late Robert Kennedy, had just moved to the district.   Upon reading this news, I realized that he moved there to run for Joe Moakley’s congressional seat.

Sure enough, Joe Moakley passed away and Max Kennedy announced his candidacy.   No one else signaled an intention to run.   I discovered that no democrat was willing to run against him for fear of incurring the wrath of Ted Kennedy – a lion of Massachusetts politics at the time. No republican was willing to run against him, as they all believed it was impossible to win against a Kennedy.

It struck me as deathly absurd that Max should be handed a seat in the US Congress without even token opposition. It just wasn’t right. I laid in bed one night wishing SOMEONE would run against him. I heard a small voice in my head asking me: “How about you?”

On it’s face, the idea was ridiculous, absurd, a clear waste of time and money. I had no support, little money, no name recognition – in short I had little hope of a win. As it was a special election, the time frame for the campaign was greatly shortened – only 40 days to gather the requisite 2,000 certified signatures to be on the ballot. For those who have never done it,  40 days is a very short time to gather so many signatures, if you have no base of support ready and eager to assist.

I recognized that my candidacy would be written off as inconsequential by most, as I had almost no chance of actually winning.   But I had seen the impossible happen in the past.   As a missionary during the late 70’s to the mid 80’s I had seen things that can only be described as miracles. Also, I ran for president of the San Jose State University student body. I also ran for President of the University of Southern California’s student body. I thought that maybe those campaigns were just training for this day. So I decided to take a leap. Maybe a miracle would happen.

The first thing I did was let friends and family know of my plans. Of course I needed their support first and foremost. To my disappointment only a few actually offered to actively support me.    Perhaps they didn’t believe in miracles.    In any case, some stood up when called and helped out.   I remember them all clearly and am grateful to them to this day.  A few days later I filed the papers to run for US Congress, 9th district of Massachusetts.

I ran as a Libertarian. This, in hindsight, was a mistake. Being a Libertarian is not a mistake, but I should have run as an independent.   The burden in getting on the ballot would have been far lighter. I had anticipated a more aggressive amount of support from the Libertarian party than I actually received, unfortunately.   As a result, running as a Libertarian was an albatross in more ways than one. Lesson learned….

Initially it was mostly just me working the parking lots and train stations gathering signatures. I put out my own press releases at night after gathering signatures.  Of course this was all after finishing work at my day job.  Those were long days.

Yet less than 2 weeks later, amazingly, people started to know who I was. People began stopping me on the street and asking if I was Jim Fredrickson. One afternoon I was gathering signatures when a rather tough-looking dude scowled at me: “Are you Fredrickson?” I thought he was going to hit me. I wanted to back up, but there were people watching and I couldn’t let them see a candidate for congress wimp out.  So I answered as bravely as I could: “Yes, I’m him.” He then reached into his pocket, pulled out a check and gave me my first campaign contribution saying: “You are doing a brave thing. Good luck in your campaign.”

At this point I need to explain the significance of gathering signatures. They serve a valid purpose. By requiring a modest number of signatures the state avoids having 40-50 candidates for each office, most of whom who do no campaigning whatsoever.   On the other hand, the state uses the signature requirement as a vehicle to keep people off the ballot if they “are not part of the team”.    Take Max Kennedy for example. One call from his uncle Ted and no doubt he had the requisite 2,000 signatures in less than an hour. When he submitted the signatures the election board likely rubber stamped all his signatures without checking them.

Meanwhile it was made very clear to me that the election board would eliminate as many of my signatures as they could, to keep a libertarian off the ballot. For example, if the signatures I presented were not an exact match to the signatures on their voter registration card, they would be discarded. So, instead of needing 2,000 signatures I was advised to get at least 4,000.

My daily routine of hitting the parking lots every day after work continued on for about 3 weeks. By that time there were about 3 – 4 people working with me gathering signatures every day. Then after  about 4 weeks the miracle I was hoping for actually occurred.   On or about June 10, a cousin of Max Kennedy’s, a man by the name of Michael Skakel was charged with murder. I don’t know what, if anything at all, this had to do with Max, but the very next day Max dropped out of the race.   He told the press that he wanted to spend more time with his family… At that point I was the only person in the race for the US Congressional seat, and there was only about 2-3 weeks left to get on the ballot.

Across the state you could hear the sound of jaws dropping. They were saying: “WHAT??  JIM FREDRICKSON COULD ACTUALLY WIN??” Overnight many state politicians entered the race. Most of them already had political bases of support and name recognition. My sole advantage was that I had been meeting people all over the district for weeks.   Hundreds of people had seen me, met me, shaken my hand.

I was no longer running against a Kennedy. I was running against much smaller names, and I had a head start. But I still had to contend with the fact that the state’s political apparatus and the media did not know me. They certainly did not want an unknown Libertarian in the race.

With less than a week before the deadline to submit my signatures there were about 3 dozen people working the streets with me trying to gather signatures. I went into work one morning at Storagenetworks and was told I was being laid off.  I don’t believe this was a political decision.  The company was failing – 50% of the staff was let go that morning. However, it put me in a very uncomfortable position, as I suddenly needed to give some serious thought to my cash flow.

Finally, on the last day of the 40 day campaign I turned in 4,300 signatures to the election board. I was utterly exhausted. I was reasonably confident I had turned in more than enough signatures, and went home to rest and plan what to do next.   By now there were about 5 other people in the race. They were all well-known in state politics and were undoubtedly more rested than I was!

A day or two later the election board told me they had disqualified 2700 of my 4300 signatures. That left me with 1600 signatures – 400 short of the 2000 I needed. My eldest son, Jonathan, was almost 11 at the time. Though young, he could see the writing on the wall. He said to me: “Dad, they are cheating you.” I knew that of course. A few days later the ACLU heard about the travesty and offered to sue on my behalf, as it was clear that a miscarriage of justice was taking place.

At that point though I looked at the situation. Though I was no longer competing against the son of Robert Kennedy, I was competing against half a dozen well-known politicians. I was out of a job and my campaign staff, though much bigger than it had been 40 days earlier, was not as organized as it could have been, had I successfully garnered more support from friends and family 40 days earlier.

When running against Max Kennedy, I could easily have gotten 30% of the vote – 30% would likely vote for “anybody but a Kennedy”.   30% could be counted as a win, in one sense.    But now I was looking at a totally different race.  I wasn’t likely to get even 10% of the vote against the current lineup, and the state of my campaign staff.   So, I made a decision to decline the ACLU’s offer of help in suing the election board.   Steven Lynch eventually won that congressional seat, and holds it to this day.

So my experience was a mixed bag. The miracle I was hoping for occurred on schedule. My inability to field a strong enough base of support early on, left me unable to fully capitalize on the miracle when it happened.

In retrospect I think I should have accepted the ACLU’s help and sued the election board. We will never know what other miracles might have occurred had I done so. Nevertheless it was a good experience that taught me many things about myself, friends and family, and mostly about the way politics works in Boston. Let me tell you – it ain’t pretty…

Who killed the Kennedys?

It should be noted in the very beginning of this article that this is ultimately sheer conjecture.  I can not prove my implied conclusions.  I simply note the obvious clues and allow the reader to draw their own conclusions.  I will admit there are other spheres of influence that were likely involved, as well as those suggested herein.

“Deep Throat” told Woodward & Bernstein to “follow the money” to crack the Watergate scandal.  Wise advice it was.  To solve any mystery it is good to always first ask the question: “Qui Bono” or “Who benefited from the crime?”

Consider the murder of JFK.  It is hard to determine exactly who was responsible since there were many parties that benefited from his death.  Perhaps if Oswald could have been interrogated on the record we would know the answer, but as we know, Jack Rubenstein (aka Jack Ruby) executed him before he could give his testimony.

Some of the more likely candidates might include the powers behind the FED, as JFK had begun issuing US notes, backed by silver, to compete with Federal Reserve notes issued by the FED.  Israel is also a suspect, as JFK was pushing to open up Dimona and Israel’s nuclear weapons to inspection.  There are a few other notable candidates, but absent more information, it is hard to be certain.

Robert Kennedy’s murder is a little more revealing.  He ran for President DETERMINED to avenge his brother’s murder.  Given his proximity to the Oval office as Attorney General during his brothers administration, it is likely he had a very good idea of who murdered his brother.  Robert Kennedy  was on the path to winning the Presidential election when he was also murdered.  It is not unreasonable to speculate that those who killed JFK also killed Robert Kennedy.  JFK’s killers had a strong motivation to prevent Robert from being able to prosecute them, while Commander-in-Chief of the United States military.

So let’s take a cursory look at RFK’s murder.   Who directly benefited is a bit unclear unfortunately.   However, as discussed above the most obvious beneficiaries were those who killed his brother and wished to remain safe from retaliation.  But we can learn something from the aftermath of Robert’s murder.  Who was chosen as the patsy for Robert’s murder?  A young man named Sirhan Sirhan, who was a Palestinian.

The choice of a Palestinian as patsy is quite interesting and revealing.  It was 1968 when Robert’s murder occurred.  Just a year before, in 1967, Israel had viciously attacked the American ship the USS Liberty in a failed attempt to sink her and leave no survivors.  Their plan seems to have been to plant evidence implicating Egypt as the perpetrator, in order to get America to attack Egypt.  This is called a “false flag” attack.   This attack happened during the 6 day war in which Israel was fighting Egypt (and others).

So we can see that in the case of the USS Liberty, and other examples, Israel sees an advantage in committing criminal acts and then framing their perceived enemies for their crimes.  So what can we conclude about the murder of Robert Kennedy just a year after the Liberty was attacked?  Qui Bono?  Who benefited from framing a Palestinian man for RFK’s murder?  Israel has been at war with the Palestinians from 1948 to the present.  They had a motivation to frame a Palestinian for Robert’s murder.  It is hard, maybe impossible, to think of another state that had such a motivation.

It may be coincidence (though some would say there are no coincidences), but the name of the man who silenced Oswald before he could testify about John Kennedy’s murder was  Jack Rubenstein (aka Jack Ruby).  Given Rubenstein’s surname, might he perhaps have had an interest in protecting Israel from being exposed for murdering a US President?   Is it a stretch that Israel would then murder Robert to prevent him from taking revenge on Israel as President in 1968?  Or that they would then frame a Palestinian for Robert’s murder?  The pieces fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Of course, this is all very circumstantial and would not be enough to convict in a court of law.  Still, thinking men and women will surmise that there is likely fire behind all the smoke…

The Constitution, Part 2

If you have not yet read Part 1, I encourage you to do so prior to reading this post. If you are unclear on how modern banking works, in particular how the FED works, I strongly urge you to read this post.

We ended part one with the newfound understanding that 1933 was a very bad year for Liberty. It was a disaster for the Republic. Next we will explore why 1933 was such a pivotal year. 1933 was the year that the Fed’s 20 year charter expired. This was the year they were to either be dissolved, or have their charter renewed.

We can presume that congressmen voting on renewal would first consider whether or not the Fed had done “a good job”. Their public mandate was to maintain the value of the dollar and to ensure that there were no economic fluctuations or panics. That was their entire public mission. Had they done well? No! 1933 was the 4th year of a calamity of the likes America had never known. The great depression was laying waste to the entire country. So, WHY WAS THE FED CHARTER RENEWED? The $64,000 question.

If you have read this post, then you understand that the FED is a private corporation. They pay the US Treasury to print money, paying for ink and paper costs. They pay the same for a $1 bill as they do for a $100 bill. Then they lend that money to the US government at interest. To say this is the holy grail of “money for nothing” is an understatement of vast proportions. It guarantees, without any doubt, that eventually the country will be bankrupt. But when will a country the size of America be bankrupt?? When it can no longer pay the interest on it’s debts. When might that be?

That day already occurred. It happened in 1933. After 20 years, from 1913 to 1933, having lent America the money to fight WW1 and then lending money with reckless abandon throughout the go-go years of the “Roaring 20’s” the Fed had brought the American government to it’s knees. Just as the deadline to renew it’s charter approached, it stopped lending money and started collecting on it’s huge notes to American government, industry and farmers. The government could not pay the interest on it’s debts. It was technically bankrupt.

The new President was informed of the situation shortly before taking office. FDR may have felt like he had a gun to his head. The Fed was arguably correct in saying “A deal is a deal. A debt is a debt. Pay up or accept that we will foreclose on everything the country has.” Others, this author included, would argue that they did not “lend” America anything, as they were just giving us printed paper that the Treasury had printed for them. In any case, after 4 years of the Great Depression there was no way he could pay the interest on the country’s debts. What was he to do? We can argue what he should have done (and we should in fact argue/discuss it). But after the arguing is over we must come to grips with what he in fact did.

He yielded to the Fed’s demands. Unable to pay them, he offered to steal the gold of the entire American Citizenry, and give it ALL to the Fed’s owners as partial payment of debts owed. The Faustian bargain of the de facto bankruptcy proceedings was that the Fed have it’s charter renewed, and would continue to make “money” available, but the “money” would no longer have any intrinsic value. Of course, most American people would not understand the depravity of the situation, so a façade of legitimate government vould continue.

BUT how would future debts to the Fed be paid, now that the American people had no REAL MONEY with which to pay?? The Fed, like world governments, want to be pain real money. Gold is how international banks and nations settle their debts to this day. WHAT DID FDR OFFER AS COLLATERAL FOR ALL THE DEBTS OF THE LAST 77 YEARS?

Collateral must be substantial. So FDR pledged the labor of the American people, in the form of income taxes. By 1973 the government was also pledging American lands to the Fed, which is why so very much of the country today is land which can not be developed by American Citizens. It is “protected” in the name of parks, wildlife, historical places, etc etc etc. The REAL reason is that it is being protected from being developed by anyone other than the ones to whom it has been pledged – the owners of the Fed.

The ongoing Chapter 11 bankruptcy of the American government has been a Ponzi scheme of a scale so tremendously huge it can scarcely be believed. But it is all true. However, like all Ponzi schemes it will fail when there are no longer enough new people coming to the party to support the payouts. The American Ponzi scheme was beyond huge. It was so huge that it took 75 more years, until 2008, for that balloon to pop.

The next charter renewal is scheduled for early in 2013. It is interesting timing, is it not?


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